Nat Napolillo on the Burton rail at Cannonsburg


Zeeched is a quick edit from the west side, looks like Cannonsburg mostly. Featuring Natalie Napolillo, Sam Cuneo and Zoë Zeerip with some help from Evan Erickson, Nate Kudla and Ron Fleming on the fliming. These ladies aren’t afraid to taco a handrail and go right back at it. A little bit of mini-shred but…

Matt Ruhle at Mt. Holly

Matt Ruhle at Mt. Holly

Two minutes of awesome coming at you from Mt. Holly, Michigan where Matt Ruhle and the rest of the park crew did some awesome builds and added great new features throughout the season. Matt also kills it as a rider, here’s his late-season edit: Next Girl from Trevor Newman on Vimeo.


The Chase: New Beginnings

With a last minute notice that Cannonsburg would only be open Saturday(3/21) this weekend,  my plans quickly changed. As I scrambled to find somewhere to ride, I found that Bittersweet would be open just a little ways south of me, so I grabbed a quick nap after work (I work 3rd shift) and made my way…

zoey cannonsburg

Cannonsburg Ski Area – March 21, 2015

With spring fast approaching and midwest ski areas closing left and right, I was able to pull together a last minute family shred trip to Grand Rapids. Of course I always want to ride one more time, but this trip in particular was for my daughter. Adam had offered to work with so we made plans to…