2010/11 Never Summer Snowboards

If you’ve been reading the industry pubs, you may have caught a glimpse of the 2010/11 Never Summer decks that have been making the demo rounds. Their stellar lineup looks like its going to improve next year, as they introduce a new model, the Raptor (review at Chinese Downhill).  I think I’ll be in the market the 2011 NS Heritage to replace my aging NS Legacy…

Anyways, the 2010/11 Never Summer carbonium series will feature a lighter wood core (NS has blended traditional wood cores with some lighter weight species), carbonium top-sheet, extensive carbon matrix and dampening system:

Carbon X’s are placed under the mounting area on the bottom of the core, for powerful stiffness in this area, giving the board a softer mid-section, tip and tail. Allowing the rider to manipulate the board for torsional control and adjust to the contours of the snow.

All designed for a “light underfoot feeling” without sacrificing the durability that has made NS a trusted brand of choice for many riders. Sources describe these boards as Never Summer’s best product line, ever.

Here’s the sexy-as-ever Premier F1.


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