2013 Lib Tech Attack Banana Review

The Lib Tech Attack Banana was a late-season/mid-season release in 2012 and there was a lot of stoke behind it.

Lib Attack with Flow NX2
Lib Attack with Flow NX2

Size: 156
Shape: Twin, with Lib’s EC2BTX which is center reverse with elliptical camber zones underfoot, these camber zones are a little closer inside than the C2BTX
Bindings: Flow NX2
Stats: Dave 6′ 210 lbs stance at ~24″ regs, 15/-15
Conditions: hardpack, semi-firm groomers not a patch of ice to be found anywhere, well groomed boarder-x course, beginner park features about 30 degrees.


Lib rates this as 6 or 7 depending on size, I’m a bigger guy on a smaller board so it was softer, felt more almost like a pure medium flex which is softer than I like for “all mountain” but probably about right for freestyle.


The hybrid camber EC2 delivered pretty good pop on this board, felt better than average, and among Lib Tech’s lineup I’d say it was better than the Skate Banana but not as good as the Travis Rice.


For an all-mountain board I think the Attack has enough versatility to be a pretty decent jibber, without being overly loose or playful.


The Attack Banana’s medium flex gave it just enough responsiveness to handle pretty well on groomers, where it excelled at low- to medium speed carves, quick enough edge-to-edge for short radius turns and comfortable also on the more drawn out lazy Sunday carves. Although conditions were pretty close to ideal for board tests this day, the Attack Banana did fold on me under pressure on aggressive turns/carves. Lib’s magnetraction performs as expected and gives you some added “bite” in the hardpack.

Pricing: The Attack Banana retails at $580 which is pushing the envelope even for higher end boards.”

Summing it up:

Overall I rate this board right about average, maybe it was the hype about mid-season release last year but it was kind of a let-down. It is an all-mountain freestyle board but it’s one of those boards where I’m just not sure where it fits in your quiver. It’s not super playful but I wasn’t stoked with its ability to rip carves at high speeds or in gnarly conditions either. The Attack Banana is probably best suited for the intermediate to advanced rider who has a very skatey freestyle approach to all-mountain riding, but doesn’t want to sacrifice park & jib performance.

2 thoughts on “2013 Lib Tech Attack Banana Review

  1. Don’t know if this review gives it credit. To each is own I guess…
    Anyway, I live in Mammoth Mountain and ride everyday I can. I am not a pro by any means but I do have a pretty good idea of what boards can do.
    The attack banana is an unbelievable board. I am 5’10 165 and ride a 153. I have tried it in a bigger size, but the 153 rides like most 156’s for me. I love being able to ride a smaller board especially if it is able to perform in powder, just like this one.
    It’s great at high speeds and really kills it on the jumps. Ok for jibbing but a little stiff for presses. Does not butter very well due to the mixed camber.
    All that being said, I just attended the “demo days” here and got to try 10+ new boards for next season and I would not trade any of them for the attack banana. The never summer evo was a VERY close 2nd.
    The attack banana kills it all over the mountain and is super durable to handle anything you can throw at it.

    1. Hey thanks for the feedback definitely reviews are a bit personal, no matter what and nobody’s one review is gospel — everyone will have a little different opinion or feel even on the same board, so we always recommend demos if possible (for many people they are not) and reading multiple reviews from different people to get the best idea of how a board might work (or not) for you. Thanks for sharing your experience with the Attack Banana!

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