2013 Marhar Mystick Snowboard Review

Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Marhar is a company that we’ve worked with for 2 seasons now. The Mystick is a hybrid camber freestyle/park/street board and it’s supposed to be soft so let’s see what it’s all about.

2013 Marhar Mystick, front and center
2013 Marhar Mystick, front and center

First impressions: It’s got neat Tim Burton-esque graphics with a unicorn on it so that’s cool, otherwise, I’m looking for playfulness. I’m familiar with their hybrid camber but even their all-mountain boards are pretty soft so maybe this one will be too soft?

Size: 154 & 156
Shape: true twin mustache rocker
Bindings: 2011 Ride Delta MVMT
Stats: Dave 6′ 210 lbs stance at ~24″ regs, 15/-15, Leo  5’9 180lbs stance was maxed the eff out on accident.
Conditions: early season, crappy man-made with a full facial of blowers running, bluebird, slush laps basically  everything imaginable except for deep pow.


Dave: No bones about it the Mystick is a soft board. Torsionally pretty twisty, lengthwise it’s pretty soft nose to tail not a lot of firmness going on with this board. I would say this is not as soft as the Artifact or the WWW but it’s pretty close, maybe a tad stiffer through the middle with flappy tips.

Leo: Funny you use the word “bones” considering it’s called the “Mystick” Dave.  Agreed, this is definitely a soft board all-around.  Between the feet it was a touch stiffer.  If you can twist the board just by lifting your heel/toe, you know it’s torsionally soft.


Dave: Excellent pop! The mustache rocker really lets you load up like traditional camber. One night I rode with a few kids at the local hill and let them take some turns on the Mystick, both of them were amazed by the amount of effortless pop you can get from this board.

Leo: The amount of pop on this board caught me off-guard, I don’t expect pop like this from a softer board.  MarHar uses a blend of bamboo and carbon to add pop and flex to their boards and this tech really delivers.  I’ve always been a fan of bamboo boards, but squeezing pop out of  board with a lot of bamboo is a bit of a job.  Marhar’s Mystick has predictable and consistent pop so hats off to them for doing what they did with bamboo.


Dave: with the all-over flex this board delivers mad playfulness whether your idea of fun is spreading butter all over the slopes and flat-land tricks or more feature-oriented jibs the Mystick is designed to do just this. Because it is super-soft you do have to be on point though as you can overextend yourself.

Leo: Playfulness is what the Mystick is really about.  It is lively underfoot and although I didn’t get to take it in to the park early-season, I did do spinny things and presses on the ground and it’s clear where this board excels.


Dave: Really good board “feel” without sacrificing too much in the way of stability. Marhar’s mellow mustache rocker gives you good edgehold even on hardpack but the soft park-oriented flex still is going to prevent you from being super aggressive especially on less-forgiving conditions. True-twin, this board goes both ways like your sister. Remember this is a park board and that’s where you should be spending most of your time on this deck and you’ll be alright.

Leo:  The Mystick held up suprisingly well on the cruddy groomers and gives you nice edge hold so it’s not going to feel washy during a quick speed check or less-than-ideal landing. You’re going to feel every little bump on this board so it’s not the best idea to go mach 5.  I like Marhar’s mustache rocker.  Both the camber underfoot and rocker in between is minimal.  Mystick is neither too loose or bitey.

Pricing: $379 or thereabouts. Direct from Marhar or available from local shops throughout the Mitten.

Summing it up:

Dave:  I rode 4 of their 2013 boards and this one was definitely my favorite. It is absolutely so much fun to ride in the park that you’ll either forget about it’s lack of “all mountain” versatility, or it will inspire you to take a much more skate-y approach to the rest of the mountain with presses, butters and random toddler jibs. I’d recommend the MyStick for the intermediate to advanced park rat who knows he’s looking for a soft board and doesn’t want to sacrifice good pop.

Leo: I give Mystick a SOLID recommendation for your freestyle shenanigans.  Mystick is a HARD hitting candidate for your next park-specific board.  Seriously, you have to hop on Mystick and jib the hell out of it.  Load up on Mystick’s tip and it will get you off… to the moon.  Mystick will make you park-jism.  As always, park-boards like the Mystick double as a great beginner board thanks to the forgiving flex.  So whether you’re a parkrat or noob, the Mystick is a good choice for you.

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