2013 Ride Machete GT Snowboard Review

The Ride Machete GT is a board that has had my curiosity for some time now.  When I first heard about a Ride board coming with a new tech called “Pop Walls” I was very interested.  I think I even hyped it to Dave since he loved his original Machete.

2013 Ride Machete GT snowboard
2013 Ride Machete GT snowboard with Maestro bindings and a closeup of Leo’s crotchular region.

Size: 157
Shape: True Twin, Hybrid LowRize
Bindings: 2013 Ride Maestro
Stats: Leo 5’9″ 180lbs stance at 23.5″ regs 18/-12 degrees
Conditions: hardpack, semi-firm groomers not a patch of ice to be found anywhere, well groomed boarder-x course, beginner park features about 30 degrees.

First impressions

Wha?  A suped up Machete?  Did it really need more?  The graphics don’t really do anything for me.  For some reason, it reminds of the type of art you see on the K2 fastplant albeit with different colors.


This beast is stiff almost all the way through.  The tips do have more play due to the rocker and lack of pop rods.  But underfoot and between, it’s pretty burly.  Dampness is a non-issue with the Machete GT.


Leo: Forget about jibbing right now.  Nothing about the Machete GT screams “Jib with me!!!”.  I tried pressing this thing and it reminded of the DH2… just wasn’t happening.


A bit weird.  Having the carbon in the sidewall gives the Machete GT a pretty unique characteristic.  While it is poppy, the initiation is different.  Popping flat almost feels like you aren’t popping at all, but you get up there.  Now, popping off your edges is where it’s at.  I’m into hitting hips and more often than not, I have to pop off an edge.  The Machete GT felt great for popping off an edge.


Awesome.  When it comes to just pointing and shooting down a run, the Ride Machete GT kills it.  Superbly stable and holds an excellent edge.  The micro camber throughout the board doesn’t feel as dead as true flat cambered board.  The Pop Walls also lend a helping hand in the carving department.  They give you that “springy” feel out of turns and edge transitions.  I love that feeling.  I was pumping out of turns and just having a blast carving on this thing.  Edge to edge power on the Machete GT was also very good.

Price: I believe this board is going to fall into the $540 range.

Summing it up

I really liked the Machete GT.  However, it is just too much board for me.  I get the sense that the Machete GT is going to excel on the big boy jumps and in the pipe.  Two things I will probably never legitimately. experience.  I am taking price into consideration here though.  If I catch this board on deep discount, I might be compelled to purchase it for trips out west.  I think the Machete GT is going to be a fun all-mountain board for you big mountain riders that prefer jumps and drops over boxes and rails.  If you’re an advanced rider that mainly shreds local hills, don’t be afraid to purchase this if you can afford it.  It is plenty capable of carving up the groomers and you’ll be ready for the big mountains should you take a trip.  In other words, the 2013 Machete GT is only recommended for Advanced all-mountain riders regardless of your terrain.

9 thoughts on “2013 Ride Machete GT Snowboard Review

  1. I was wondering how this board compares to last years dh2? I’m really interested in the GT but can find 12 DH2’s for about half the price.
    Looking for a better board more suited for trips west with bigger, steeper, faster terrain.

    1. Hey Henry, the major difference is going to be the Popwalls. While the DH2 has a lot more straight up pop, the Machete GT will have a snappier response when popping off an edge. I’m also going to say the DH2 is a little more freestyle friendly for park shenanigans. I think the Machete GT is more geared to the rider that’s going to make the whole mountain his park. Like I said in the review, this board definitely seems geared towards big mountain bad asses. Just like the DH2 is made for park bad asses.

      I’m going to say the Machete GT is going to be superb for what you want. However, the DH2 is not far off at all and if the price difference is substantial, I can comfortably say go with the DH2.

    1. I didn’t get a chance to ride the GT but Leo did, unfortunately I don’t know if he rode the 2013 T-Rice but he has probably ridden the 2012 or 2011 which would be very similar; I’ll send him an email and see what his take on this comparison is.

      1. thanks! I am very curious about your opinion on these and a comparison… I will look forward to see also if the GT will be able to gain some “prizes” like goodwood, best of test and so on.

        His “mother” the normal Machete have a very nice reviews story just like the old DH… We’ll see :)

        1. Definitely the regular machete is a great board, I really wish I could have tested the GT. Snowboarder Mag says it has a good skate-like feel to it, and it did make their top picks this year. Leo will tell you it’s got great pop, to me it sounds like an “all mountain freestyle”, on the more aggressive side so it may do better outside the park than in the park. In this regard it would be similar to the travis rice board, but it may handle very differently and unfortunately I can’t speak to the specifics of how it handles (dampening, maneuverability, stability, etc).

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