2013 Ride Machete Snowboard Review

The Machete has been a staple in Ride’s lineup since they introduced it for the 2009/2010 season. I owned one of those Machetes and loved it but haven’t ridden one since, so I’m hoping for more of the same this time around. The Machete is billed as an all terrain freestyle killer, let’s see how it stacks up.

First impressions: They toned down the graphics from the past few seasons, although looks can be deceiving Rides top sheets are always rad and this was no exception, but other than that I don’t think much (if anything) has changed so it should be fun.

2013 Ride Machete snowboard
2013 Ride Machete

Size: 158
Shape: True Twin, LowRize rocker is a very micro rocker which feels almost flat
Bindings: 2012 Ride Rodeo
Stats: Dave 6′ 210 lbs stance at ab out 24″ regs, 15/-15
Conditions: hardpack, semi-firm groomers not a patch of ice to be found anywhere, well groomed boarder-x course, beginner park features about 30 degrees.

Flex: The Ride Machete rides a bit firmer than medium flex not to stiff not to soft, somewhat stiffer through the tips with a medium center flex, torsionally there’s a little give but it’s not super twisty.

Ollie/Pop: Ride snowboards don’t usually disappoint in the “pop” department so expect a better-than-average amount of consistent pop from the Machete.

Jibs/Playfulness: although a lot of park riders prefer something softer the Machete is versatile enough to jib around on and you can butter it without too much trouble. Ride’s low-rize rocker is really jib friendly and hook free, and is also stable on jumps.

Handling: I’ve said it before I dig Ride’s slimewalls they do wonders on the dampening without losing underfoot feel in the park. It responds well edge to edge though it may struggle a bit if you’re really trying to lay trenches or deep euro carves.

Price: I believe this board is going to fall into the $460 range.

Summing it up: The Machete is the Machete. Not really changed since I owned one a few years ago. I loved it then for its versatility as I was coming from stiffer “all mountain” boards and began working more on park/freestyle riding so it fills that gap pretty nicely for “all mountain freestyle”. True quiver killers are hard to come by but for an intermediate/advanced rider the Machete is definitely a solid, budget-friendly all-mountain performer that can take you through the trees or the terrain park.

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