2014 Echelon Killbox Review

Following the Echelon Rounds, I got to check out the Killbox which is their take on the downsized skate-y board.  Echelon designed this board to ride 6-8cm longer, so the obvious comparison point would be the Burton Nug, although the Killbox seems a lot more freestyle-oriented (or, they’re not trying to oversell it as a one board quiver). The Killbox uses the same 3D-Lite base shape and full v-reverse camber as the Rounds, in a shorter, wider package.

Board: Echelon AH-1B Killbox, 152cm
Shape: True reverse camber, 3d-lite base
Bindings: NOW IPO
Stats: Dave 6′ 210 lbs stance at ~23″ regs, 15/-15
Conditions: backyard jibs, sloppy seconds sidepow at Mt. Holly, well-groomed terrain parks at Mt. Brighton

echelon killbox 152

Flex: Super playful flex on this without being noodle-y. Good center flex and outside the binding inserts as well. You should have no problem laying in to presses or tweaked slides on this board. Unless you land bolts on every jump you take, it’s probably too soft for bigger jumps but the Killbox is good for small to medium sized jumps.

Jibs/Playfulness: This is a jibby board plain and simple. Downsized with the full v-reverse and 3D-lite base means you should have no trouble whipping this deck all over the mountain. It’s a board that practically begs to be tossed in to 180s or buttered about just anywhere.

Ollie/Pop: No need to preload this one you can just pop like a skateboard, it will get you on or gap you over the features in the terrain park pretty easily.

Handling:Kind of a nice surprise, the Killbox actually felt a bit more stable than the Rounds. It’s a wider platform and being a shorter board there’s less nose/tail to chatter on you. The sidecut is pretty mellow and it’s basically a “wide” board so it takes a bit more effort to really snap this thing from edge to edge.  The Killbox struggles a bit if you really try and push it, but handled fine in the park at just about any pace.

Pricing: Only $330, makes a great park deck or street board that you won’t break the bank on. At this price you’re usually talking about the “dumbed down” version of some other board but they didn’t really sacrifice on the Killbox.

Overall: I’d mainly recommend this board for park riders who focus on jib, street features and mini-shred.  Any skill level, you just need to want to have fun with it. On the level it took me a minute to warm up to this board, I remember telling Joe, “I’m not sure I’m in love with this one…” or something to that effect, but I’m glad I kept riding it. It does OK in the deeper stuff but really felt a lot more at home in the park. The Killbox is probably unlike anything you already own so if you already have a quiver full of freestyle boards but want to try something a little different, check it out.

Disclosure: Echelon provided this snowboard for review and yes, Echelon advertises with us. They don’t have anything to gain from circle-jerk “reviews”, and I don’t have anything to gain by blowing smoke, either.


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