2015 Marhar Bohemian Review

I always love stopping by the Marhar tent at Test Fest — they’re a local company and they know what they’re doing when it comes to building snowboards. The Marhar Bohemian is a new deck this year, designed more for big mountain/pow riding. With a new shape and more carbon than they put in anything else I was definitely curious to see how it rides, thankfully Nate & Josh let me loan the Bohemian in hopes of being able to ride it in some powder down in North Carolina.

2015 Marhar Bohemian

2015 Marhar Bohemian

Size: 158
Bindings: 2013 NOW IPO
Shape: True twin, Marhar All Mountain/Pow Rocker (flat between inserts, rocker outside, early rise tips), blunted nose & tail
Stance: 15/-15 regs about 23.5″
My Stats: 6′, 210 lbs
Conditions: Everything from spring corn snow and chunder to 6″ of fresh powder

Flex: The Marhar Bohemian is stiffer nose-to-tail as you’d expect from a big mountain/powder oriented board, more center flex and stiffer through the tips. Torsionally, the Bohemian’s flex was on point: it had some give to allow you to twist the board but it really rebounded strongly from that tension load which let you spring from edge to edge quickly.

Jibs/Playfulness: Not super playful, but I did take it for a lap in the park. It’s doable, but not really what this board is intended for.

Ollie/Pop: There’s enough pop to put you on the bigger rails (i tried just out of curiosity!) although I wouldn’t really ride it for rails you could use it for jumps I guess and it should handle landings of even bigger jumps with relative ease, it would be difficult to fold this board.

Handling: Nice and damp it absorbed the heavy spring snow and push piles on Friday easily and could set an edge on the hardpack and icy spots beneath the pow on Saturday, too. The Bohemian floats well in powder and rides super stable even through the crud. No trouble drawing out a carve or laying in to one hard through varied conditions, Marhar’s Attack Arc uses unblended sidecut radii for additional contact points. I really felt like the torsional flex on this board made it super responsive edge to edge at just about any speed, which is something you don’t always get out of boards geared more towards the big mountain side of things.

Still finding pow on the last run of the day at Beech Mountain, February 15, 2014

The Marhar Bohemian, devouring some Southeast powder at Beech Mountain, NC

Pricing: The Marhar Bohemian should retail at $459, and will be available through select retailers in Michigan and Colorado, as well as direct through Marhar’s website.

Overall: The Marhar Bohemian is reverse camber but feels more like a hybrid with its ability to lay trenches. Probably the most surprising thing was how well it handles, even at lower speeds which is something that’s often lacking in decks geared more towards the big mountain/charger sort of riding. Super fun to push this board, especially since it’s a bit more forgiving and with the rocker a tad more playful than other boards in this category, too. Recommended for intermediate to advanced riders who want a stiffer charging deck to make the whole mountain their park.


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