2015 Rome Mod Review

I asked Rome to give me something all-mountain and camber, definitely camber, and the Rome Mod is what they gave me. It’s pitched as one of Rome’s higher end all-mountain destroyers, I’ve been fond of Rome decks in the past so I was excited to try out the Mod.

2015 Rome Mod camber
2015 Rome Mod camber

Size: 156
Bindings: 2015 Rome Katana
Shape: True twin, Stay Positive Camber
Stance: 15/-15 regs about 23.5″
My Stats: 6′, 210 lbs
Conditions: Hardpack & chop, with some light snow falling throughout the day

2015 Rome Mod Review

Flex: The Rome Mod was on the stiffer end of the spectrum, medium-stiff but definitely an emphasis on “stiff”. Stiffer through the mid-section and torsionally, with a little bit of play from the nose and tail.

Ollie/Pop: Feeling hesitant about trying to ollie that fence line? Rome went gangbusters on the Mod with the new Turborods and some space-age Z-tech material that “lighter, stronger, and snappier than carbon”. And did I mention it’s camber? Seriously you can ollie anything with this deck. Combined with the board’s overall stiffness the Mod should be a great board for jumps.

Jibs/Playfulness:  Definitely not the most playful board you’re going to ride, it’s a pretty aggressive all-mountain freestyle board. It would take more effort to get jibby or buttery with this board, sure you could do it, but I’d rather seek out side-hits and drops to boost.

Pricing:  The Rome Mod should retail around $560 which is on par for higher-end boards.

Handling: For a board with a relatively fat waist it felt pretty responsive event at lower speeds which is where some burlier A/M boards are lacking. The camber gives you that familiar spring/rebound that makes edge-to-edge transitions easy, and the board is pretty lightweight so you don’t get that sluggish transition. The tips have a slightly pointier shape which should come in handy in the deep stuff. The Rome Mod will lay trenches for sure. Board feel was good in terms of being a pretty damp board without being overly damp, you get a little bit of feel from chop but for the most part the Rome Mod should charge through just about anything you put in front of it.

Overall: This is a fairly advanced all mountain deck and I’d probably recommend it for intermediate plus. Beginners, there’s better boards out there for you. Ditto for park rats it’s just not the board that I would want in that situation. If you don’t want the newest alt camber fad, you want tried and tested OG camber, and you want a solid deck that will rip everything from groomers to glades to pow and natural features in the backcountry, then this might be the board for you.

26 thoughts on “2015 Rome Mod Review

  1. Hey David,

    Thanks for posting this review. This is one of the boards I am considering for next season. From spying I see that they have widened it slightly to a 258 ww. I am a little concerned as I am a legit 13 about pulling the trigger on this for riding upstate NY, VT and out West.

    Was wondering your thoughts.

    Thanks, man!

    1. Size 13, eh… that’s out of my league but definitely pushes the bounds for a normal width board, even though 258 is almost midwide… one thing to consider is that this deck has one of the deepest sidecuts that Rome makes, so the waist spec by itself may be misleading.

      Standard recommendation is to see if you can find one in-stock when they hit the shelves this fall. Bring your boots, stand on the board and see what it feels like.

      If you can’t do that, then I certainly understand the hesitation especially if you’re hoping for something “wide”. The Agent might be your best bet, it’s the most similar board available in a wide size.

      1. Hi I’m thinking of getting a mod I’m a uk 11 so US 12 I think the agent is a lot stiffer than the mod more like a button custom that in on at the moment. I want something a bit softer and the mod seems to fit the bill with out being a total noodle. Why is this board not made in a wide or medium wide? Thoughts please

        1. The Agent wide is not even 1cm wider than the regular-width Agent (the 158MW is a mere 8mm wider than the 159 Mod). The Mod actually measures wider at the nose/tail than comparably sized Agent. I would not be surprised if you measured the two boards at the inserts, they would probably be within 1/2cm of each other; I wouldn’t worry too much about the width. Also just for thought: it has been a few years since I rode the Agent; I’m not sure that the Mod is softer, going from memory only I would have to say it is actually stiffer than the Agent.

    1. If I were buying one I’d lean towards the 159. Since it’s not really a rails/jib board, I would probably want the longer size for speed/stability. No need to downsize on an all-mountain board :)

  2. Thinking about getting this board to make a quiver of two with my 2014 Arbor Element RX. Do you think the 13/14 Burton Malavita bindings would be responsive enough for this board?

    Is this board too aggressive/stiff for an intermediate rider still working on improving confidence on blacks? Your comment about it transitioning quick edge to edge from low to high speeds makes it seem pretty good for improving technique.

    Also, is this board noticeably worse than freeride boards in pow or is it pretty good?


    1. I might prefer something more than the Malavitas but they should work well enough if you don’t have another pair.

      The mod enables a more aggressive riding style, but doesn’t require it like some boards.

      I didn’t have a chance to ride this one in powder conditions.

      1. Understood, thanks for the feedback. How does this board compare in stiffness / aggressiveness compared to other more aggressive boards you’ve reviewed (i.e. Jones Flagship, Marhar Bohemian, Machete GT) or even the more middle of the road all mountain boards like the Rossignol One Magtek or Ride Machete? Is it in the same ballpark as any? Any idea how it stacks up against something like a Custom X?

        Just sorta confused as I’ve seen reviews on it being very stiff yet the BoardInsiders flex test shows it as very soft in the tip in tail and somewhat flexible in the middle, with only the torsional flex having more rebound. Do you know if much changed between 2014/15?


        1. I didn’t ride the GT or the Rossi, but it’s nowhere near as burly as the Jones Flagship. The Bohemian is a completely different shape, so probably not a great comparison. The Machete is really *almost* a park board and a lot of people use it as mainly a park board, it would be a lot softer than the Mod. I’d have to disagree with BoardInsiders, although I don’t know what they do or how they rate things this is NOT a “very soft” board in any area, in my opinion.

          1. Got it, thanks. Is there a camber board you’ve ridden that you can compare it to? Like a Custom or Custom X?

          2. Custom might be comparable but in the lst 4 years or so I’ve only ridden the custom flying-v … I feel like there may be some Ride snowboards that were similar but I didn’t get a ton of demos last winter… maybe the DH2 or the High Life, but it’s been a few years since I rode either of those. The Machete GT *might* be, but unfortunately Leo didn’t ride the Mod and I didn’t ride the GT so I can’t make a direct comparison point for ya.

  3. Can you give me a little rundown of what you thought of the Katana? I imagine you’ll have a review at some point, but I’m just trying to figure out where it fits… If it’s a good binding to pair with my T rice? Thanks!

    1. Porter — I’ve been riding the NOW IPO for 2+ seasons now and thought I would never go back to traditional highbacks. Although I still feel that way the Katana has me second-guessing myself and might be my next pair of bindings. It’s been about a year since I tested them so my memory is a little fuzzy; I’ll try to ride them again in a few weeks when I get another demo opportunity. What I remember is cushy straps, buttery release, lightweight and great response. The Katana paired really well with the Mod for sure, and should be a good match with the T Rice. I would put them in the “aggressive all mountain freestyle” category, although you can adjust them a lot of ways to fit different terrain or riding style, I think that’s really what they’re going to excel at.

  4. Think I’m just gonna pull the trigger, if I’m 5’11” and 175 lbs using the board for mostly groomers / jumps and bombing / carving, do you think the 156 is fine or should I size up to 159? Board seems to be wider and have more effective edge than other boards its size.

    Thanks man

      1. Thanks, think I’m gonna go with the 156 since the board seems to be stiffer / wider. Thought I’d ask since at 170 i’m near the 185 max for the 156 and more centered on 159 per Rome’s fit guide, though not sure how well those guides ever work..

  5. First off, thanks for this great review. I was thinking about either this or the Bataleon Goliath+ for this year. I mostly bomb/carve up East coast ice and hard pack with a little park time and was wondering what would be the better board for me? Also, I’m a tall super skinny teen at 6’0″ 140lbs so I was thinking about getting the 156. My setup is Union Force bindings and Salomon Dialogue boots. Also would the board overpower the bindings/boots? Thanks in advance

    1. I owned a goliath a few years back, didn’t much care for it. The Mod, in traditional camber, would be a superior choice in my opinion. 156 might be somewhat long but if you are not spending time in the park and just want this board to rip groomers, I think that could work for you.

      I’m not familiar with the Dialogue boots. The Union Force are pretty all-mountain oriented, although I think it’s been a while since I rode them. The Mod is not a super aggro board so I would not be too concerned about the pairing. If you were looking at a strictly “big mountain” board, then maybe I would consider upgrading to a beefier binding, but for now I would stick with the Forces and if you decide you want to upgrade later, then you could do that.

  6. Hey,

    Found an awesome deal on this board and really thinking about it, I’ve been riding a 2012 Custom X for the last few seasons and am finding it slightly too stiff and mainly too heavy, where do you think this stacks up in those departments?

    Also, size 12 boots, should be OK right?

    1. Hey sorry it took me a few days to reply — yeah the Custom X is definitely a burlier board than the Mod so if you’re looking for a very capable all-mountain board that is not as stiff, the Mod would be a good choice. For size 12 boots, I *think* you should be OK, but I believe the Mod is also available in “wide” sizes if you are concerned about toe drag.

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