2017 Denver SIA Preview

This was my first time ever going to SIA in Denver.  If you’re a gear head, this is one hell of an event and I easily could have spent several days there.  I learned a lot of cool stuff about what’s happening in the industry and how the industry is moving forward.  I also spent two days on snow riding the few boards and bindings I had time for, and then testing out goggles to see what would work best as well.  Keep your eyes out for these reviews over the next couple of weeks.  This Preview will give you a good idea of some of the brands I was stoked on and why.

(In the next few weeks, Dave will be attending a midwest regional trade show to pick up a few more previews & gear reviews, stay tuned for that as well)

One of those things that I am most excited about is the split board binding option coming out of Union Binding Company.  The bindings are the first split board bindings to be made of Nylon and also have a very simple function when touring.  They come in at a very nice price point of $350 for the pair pictured, or $500 for the Full Carbon version.  The review can be found here.

Union Expedition Bindings are the first Nylon Splitboard Bindings to come to market.

The two boards that I was excited to see in person and demo on snow was the Marhar Woodsman and their first camber board, the Darkside.  Reviews for the Woodsman and Darkside can be found by clicking the links.

From left to Ride: Darkside, Woodsman, Lumberjack.

I also have a sneak peak of the entire lineup of next years graphics.

I then went to check out the Rome booth.  Mostly I wanted to see their split boards, but they are cutting the Rome Double Agent.  However the White Room and Powder Room are still in production for 2018.

Left to Right: Whiteroom Split, Mod Stale, Agent Alek, Len’s Gang Plank.
2018 Rome Lofi
2018 Rome Lofi — photo: Colleen Musson

I’ve known of Prior for quite some time.  They started out making alpine snowboards, and have come all the way to making a full lineup of powder surfers.  Though as you can see, they haven’t left the boardercross game.

Most of the 2018 Prior Lineup can be seen here.

I’m happy to see this Grom Powdersurfer from Prior as well.  It’s about time that we start seeing powder gear for groms.

This is the male Prior Kids Powder Surf. Like a rookie, I didn’t get the name of it.

If you’re looking for a splitboard, but want something that is a little more freestyle oriented, these two boards from Prior should make your shortlist.

Left to Right: Prior Shotgun Split and Prior AMF Split

Jones Snowboards also offers a Split Grom option down to 138cm.

Only half of the Jones lineup for next year. The split on the right goes down all the way to 138cm.

The Jones Project X has a review up if you follow the link.  It’s the sick looking black and silver checkerboard top sheet.

Most of the other half of the Jones Lineup for 2018.

Jones is also offering Magnetraction on the inside of their Split Boards on certain models.  This is to offer better edge hold while skinning, and a little less slippage between the two halves of the board while riding.

While hard to see, this Jones Splitboard has Magnetraction down the center split. View large, look closely.

I didn’t have time to talk to these guys, or ride any of their boards, but I know people get excited over GNU.  So here is some 2018 eye candy for all you folks.

So many boards, maybe a quarter of the time I needed.

The last booth I made time to stop and talk to the reps for was Dinosaurs Will Die.  I was able to ride the Genovese from next year.  That review can be found here.

Dinosaurs Will Die definitely has some unique graphics.
Here is the other half of the DWD lineup for 2018.

While this picture of Weston Snowboards 2018 Lineup was taken at the OnSnow, I’ll tease you with this one.  Review of the Logger is coming up in the near future as well.

I like the clean but eye catching graphics of the Weston Lineup. They take pride in this with their boards.

There are a few snowboards that I rode at the OnSnow show that aren’t pictured here.  There really just wasn’t enough time to make it to every booth in the day that I had.

One more thing that I’m excited about that is snowboard related, though not a board is this back protector from SlyTech.  I have been riding in their NoShock protector for a while now, but only wear it when riding big park and big mountain.  This new protector is designed to be more comfortable and not noticeable to others. This is supposed to meld the lines between extreme back protection and comfort.  It slips into a technical fabric tanktop and is work like shirt to protect you from the out of control Jerry or lets you look cool when riding spring park.

Again, like a rookie, forgot the name of this model.
Yes, it really is that malleable.

Additional eye-candy provided by Nate & Colleen Musson from Shred Soles. Here’s a peak at next year’s Spring Break decks:

2017-2018 Spring Break Snowboards
These are the Spring Break Snowboards you’ve been looking for…
2017-2018 Spring Break Slush Slasher
2017-2018 Spring Break Slush Slasher
2017-2018 Spring Break Twin
2017-2018 Spring Break Twin

Joe Sexton’s Public Snowboards as well:

Public Snowboards - 2017-2018
Public Snowboards – 2017-2018

Vermont’s own Powder Jet snowboards:

2017-2018 Powder Jet Snowboards
2017-2018 Powder Jet Snowboards

And the midwest’s own Interior Plains Project snowboards, which are being pressed at the Mothership in Austria:

2017-2018 Interior Plains Project Snowboards
2017-2018 Interior Plains Project Harrow

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