2018 Capita Defenders of Awesome [Review]

I’ve heard a lot people laud the Capita Defenders of Awesome.  I wondered how accurate these accolades were and honestly wasn’t all that excited to ride the board.  When I walked up to the Capita booth, I just asked for a board.  They picked the DOA for me.  I felt a little disappointed at first since Caleb had already done a review for the 2017. That accompanied with my doubts for this board, I took it for a spin anyways.

Size: 156cm
Bindings: Union Force
Shape: Camber to Insert Packs, Flat at the contact points, Early rise tip and tail. True Twin.
Stance: 15/-18 and 23″ wide.
Rider Size: 6′ 180lbs
Conditions:  Fresh Corduroy

The 2018 Capita Defenders of Awesome.

Flex: The DOA has a variable flex pattern.  Between the feet, the camber provides a very crisp flex that gets softer past the bindings.  This board is great for butters and presses.  It also has a solid torsional flex to allow for easy edge initiation in turns.

Pop: This board has killer pop.  The Camber underfoot and flat profile at the tip and tail allow for easy snap and tons of energy.   While waiting for a friend to catch up to me at the top, I was able to turn a hand drag tail press into something that was similar to a miller flip.  Popping off of rollers was effortless and super sendy.

Playfullness: This board is probably the most playful part camber board I’ve ever been on.  I’m used to a lot of energy out of camber, but it can be hard to control in the park.  With the camber only foot to foot, this board is just pure fun.  Flat land 3’s, euro carves, stalling random stuff, tail taps, you name it and it happened with ease. Edge to edge transitions were seamless and took minimal effort.

Handling: You would think a board this playful would make some sacrifices in the handling department.  However it holds edges and is stable on the landings.  Over sent that roller?  Sent it big on that natural hip?  The board locks right in.  Need to get somewhere fast?  The board is stable and smooth as a Ferrari.

Cost: The Capita Defenders of Awesome in at a very reasonable $419.

Overall: This board is a quiver killer.  If you only have money or time for a single deck, put this Capita under your feet.  There are only a handful of boards that I’ve ridden that can hold a candle to this deck. I didn’t put it to a rail but have no reservations about doing so.  If it handles rails like it handles the rest of the mountain, nothing can stand in the way of this board.


5 thoughts on “2018 Capita Defenders of Awesome [Review]

  1. Hi,

    what boot size You wear? I’m the same hight and weight as You but I’ve got boot 11. I dont know which one shoul i buy, the 158 or 158w or mayby 160cm?

    1. Adam wears a size 9.5 US / 265 mondo. You could pretty comfortably ride 156 to 160. I just looked at spec, and the waist on the 158 is not particularly narrow (254mm), so I think you would be OK on the 158. For comparison, I wear size 11 boot and I often ride many boards with waist from 250mm-255mm and the only time this will really be a problem is when you’re laying deep deep “euro” carves. I think your choice should be between the 158 or the 160.

      1. I was wearing a size 11 when I rode the board for this review. You should be fine without a wide depending on the snow conditions. I didn’t even have my feet properly centered on the board as my heelcups needed some adjustment. As Dave said, unless you’re getting into deep euro carves, you should be okay with a normal width board.

    1. Hi Leonardo, I am not sure if there have been any major changes (or even minor changes, other than graphics), but Adam reviewed the 2018 and Caleb reviewed the 2017, so neither of them would be able to make a direct comparison. In general, though, there are very few changes from one year to the next, so if you found a great bargain on the ’17 it’s probably not worth it to wait for the ’18 (and pay full retail for it) next winter.

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