2018 Dinosaurs Will Die Genovese [Review]

Dinosaurs Will Die has grown quite a bit in the last few years. A smallish company that is starting to make bigger waves after being available for demo at sumer snowboard camps.  I had never really heard much of them besides their name and definitely hadn’t ridden anything from them before. This is a lot of what made me want to go give them a test ride. While the Dinosaurs Will Die Genovese wasn’t the exact board I wanted to ride, it still rode well.

2018 DWD Genovese

Size: 157cm
Bindings: Union Force
Shape: Zero Camber, True Twin
Stance: 15/-18 and 23″ wide.
Rider Size: 6′ 180lbs
Conditions:  Mid-day sun baked hard pack.

Flex:  The pattern is what you would expect from a zero camber board. It’s a fairly consistent flex that makes butters a breeze and decambering the board simple.  There was also enough torsional flex that edge engagement is simple but the board didn’t chatter at high speeds. It has that standard super flexy feel while maintaining some integrity to the pop and stability to the landing.

Pop: The Genovese has enough pop to and a little bit to spare.  I would say that it’s just below having as much snap as a softer camber board. It took minimal effort to get it to spring and it would lift you well if you loaded the tail right. I wasn’t sending anything massive, but ollie 3’s were as simple as they should be.  You trade a little bit of pop by not being in the camber realm but at the price of the ollies and presses being easier.

Playfulness: I generally like to ride flat boards because they tend to be very playful without losing control. The Genovese was no different.  Hop 3s, butters, reverts, this board could do it. Keep your knees loose in the trees and you can feel the board flex and absorb everything like a champ. If you like jumping off of almost anything and jibbing here and there, the board delivers.

Handling: This comes back to why I like a flat camber board: they can still rail turns while being super playful. I never felt like I was sacrificing control for speed, or landing stability for air.  I could send something a little bit far, get locked in and make my turns quickly. Someone fell in front of you?  No worries, the Genovese has your back so that you don’t run into theirs.


Overall:  The Genovese is a board I would own.  I like how playful it is and it’s fun over side hits and rollers. It fits my riding style and desire to be able to take a board over anything and feel comfortable.  I didn’t get to take it through the park, but it has a familiarity to it that makes me not hesitate to do so if given the opportunity. Anything I threw at it while demo riding the board at copper, it ate up and spit out like it was nothing. It makes sense that they are becoming a much more well known board company through word of mouth: their boards are solid.

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