2018 Jones Project X [Review]

This was the first board I’ve ever ridden from Jones.  I was told I would love the Flagship, but just had them give me something of their choosing.  What I was sent out on was the Jones Project X. The Project X is a carbon fiber board meant to be as light as possible.  It definitely is one of the lightest boards I have ever had in my hands and it definitely rides like you would expect a carbon fiber board to ride.

Size: 158cm
Bindings: Union Force
Shape: Camber to just before contact points where it goes into a slight Jones Spoon shape.
Stance: 15/-18 and 23″ wide.
Rider Size: 6′ 180lbs
Conditions:  Mid Day Hard Pack

2018 Jones Project X is a beast of a board.

Flex: This is the stiffest board I have ever ridden. Stiff lengthwise, torsional stiffness like no other, it’s just a stiff board.  Oddly Jones calls it a 8/10 and I don’t want to ride what ever their 10/10 is.  I think I would have done better if it was a 154.  The only way I could properly de-camber it was by hop turning.

Pop: If you can bend it, it has pop for days.  In the hop turns this thing threw me from edge to edge which made it super fun while I had the legs to ride it.  If you can snap it up over the rollers, it will launch you.

Playfulness: This is not this boards strong suite.  It can revert and it can jump rollers, but it’s build to hug the snow.  It rode like a high speed rocket sled and the edges of the board are the rails that guide you.

Handling: This is where the Project X really starts to shine.  It handles like a super car on steroids.  Super stable when riding flat, super stable when making hard carves, super stable in the landings.  I think you’re starting to get the point.


Overall:  If you have the weight or the power to bend this thing, it’s a great ride.  The only way I could bend it properly is through the hop turns I mentioned earlier.   If you want something that performs like an Apline board but don’t want to give up the soft boots, this is your rig.  It definitely rips, but I really had to work for it.  It took enough out of me that my legs wouldn’t ride another board properly until I had lunch.

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