2018 Now Drive Bindings [Review]

I’ve seen Now bindings around for a couple years now and always thought they were somewhat gimmicky.  I understand how bushings work with my skateboard, but it didn’t seem like it would apply the same way on a snowboard.  With this in mind, I took my own board to get on a pair the 2018 Now Drive Bindings in order to get a true idea of how they feel.

The 2018 Jeremy Jones Now Drive bindings.

Stance: Regular 23″ 15/-18
Weight: 185
Conditions: Mid day groomer.
Bindings: 2018 Now Drive
Board: Marhar Lift ‘Em

Comfort:  The straps on the Drives are preformed to fit the ankle of your boot without creating pressure points.  They are super comfortable but also very easy to over tighten.  After about half way down, I noticed some discomfort from cranking these down too far, so keep that in mind if you buy some. Landings off of rollers never gave me any harsh feelings even with my worn out snowboard boots. The foot bed and bushings really come to shine here.

Flex: These are some of the stiffest bindings I have ever ridden.  Granted they have a Jeremy Jones signature on them, so I expected that.  I would say they were almost too stiff for my Lift ‘Em but that’s just because I am used to something much softer for that board.  If you’re riding reverse camber or a stiff carving board, these bindings would do well for you.  Due to the bushings on the bindings, the baseplate stiffness became somewhat of a moot point in my opinion. The kingpin of the binding apparently works though, as while the baseplates didn’t feel overly stiff, I still had great response.

Responsiveness: Due to how stiff these bindings are/kingpin technology, the edge to edge transition was seamless.  The other big thing I really noticed was that I had a bit more chatter in my board, but at the same time my board flexed much more freely.  By changing the bushings, I suspect you could find the perfect happy medium for flex and chatter.

The bushings allow the board to be forced into differnt shapes for carving and ollies much more easily. Even though the bindings make less contact with the board, they still rode with the same responsiveness I would expect from any other binding and possibly more.

Pricing: The NOW Drive bindings retail for $329.


Overall:  I’m a new believer in the Now system.  I think the Drives would have been better on my Arbor Coda or Rome Mod, but I did enjoy them. I’m bummed I didn’t have the time to ride a pair of the IPOS as they may suit the average rider or park rider more.  That and I think they would have performed much better for the board that I was on.  Either way, I have gone from thinking that Now bindings are a gimmick to being able to vouch for them as a solid binding.

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