80 MPH on a Skatebaoard? Mischo Erban Sets New World Record

Mischo Erban, a28-year old Canadian is now officially the world’s fastest skateboarder’. ┬áCouple days ago up in Quebec he clocked at over 80mph (129km/h).

Mischo Erban world's fastest skateboarder

Mischo Erban world's fastest skateboarder (via Guinness World Records)

I haven’t seen an HD version of this video yet but since it was shot with a GoPro it will probably be out soon. In the meantime, watch this and fathom going 80mph on a skateboard. Only pretend that you don’t have to wear a spandex suit to do it.

Says Mischo, “I want to be able to do 160mph but there isn’t a road which exists to do it on but I think it would be possible because it is possible for downhill skiers. I just need someone to build the road first.”

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