A Few Local Spots

Various urban hits that I’ve seen while cruising around town, mostly rails.  Gotta keep track of all these somehow so that we’re ready to rock when the snow starts piling up.

This one is pretty good.  There is plenty of room for a bungee approach from either side.  By all appearances the building is currently vacant, which means it’s probably not going to be plowed in the winter, which means that snow is going to be all over and rock salt isn’t.  And as a vacant building, we don’t really need to worry about catching unwanted “attention”, and we can hit it during the day on weekends so no need for artificial lighting, etc.

I posted this picture a week or so back, a handrail set at a local high school. In addition to having clean runway areas, this double-set has no stairs.  You can still bust your ass on concrete, but at least there’s no pointy edges.

This one is high risk because of the type of building and the location of the office park. I think it’s probably staffed a good portion of the time and also on weekends, and it’s in a heavily trafficked and visible space.  Also, if you get sent off the end of that rail you’re going through plate glass.  I’m not going to bother trying to keep this one a secret because of it’s bunkus location. Maybe cross this off the list…


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