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Bio: I’m 30, been in to snowsports since I was about 10 years old when my grandma got me ski lessons for Christmas. When I started snowboarding a few years later, they charged extra to rent boots. I guess they used to think you could use any boot with a snowboard and it didn’t matter.  I didn’t ride a ton when I was a kid, and hardly at all in college. I didn’t really get bit until I was in my mid-20’s, but now I’m a full-blown cracked out snowboard addict, who waits all summer for that magical time of year when the snow starts to fall and we can get back on the slopes again.

Quiver: I recently sold my Ride Machete (which I really really liked) and I’m now riding a 2012 Marhar Throwdown with 2011 Ride Delta MVMT bindings and a pair of 2009 ThirtyTwo TM-2 Boots. I am looking to pick up another used board on the cheap for parking lot & rail riding.

When it’s not snowing… At 30 years old he decided to learn how to skateboard. I suck at skateboarding and I know it. Otherwise mountain biking, running, and anything awesome. My other interests are like anarchism, planning vacations, angry punk rock, single malt Scotch Whisky, and fine beers from around the world, particularly Ales and Stouts.

Follow David on Twitter: @agnarchy or send him e-mail: david [at] agnarchy [dot] com

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