Alpine Valley Park & Trail Report 1/24/2013

I made it up to Alpine Valley Resort yesterday for the first time since some dreadful day last February where Mike & I had to hike a quarter mile through 6 inches of mud to reach a chairlift that wasn’t underwater. Needless to say conditions on this cold January day were much better.

If you haven’t been out to Alpine Valley yet this year now’s your chance, the parks are in great condition and fresh snow is falling just in time for the weekend.

Alpine Valley, MI January 24, 2013
Alpine Valley, MI January 24, 2013

Alpine has had some really fun parks over the last few seasons and although their mini pipe is not yet ready to ride they have two good sized parks right now to suit different levels of progression.

The main park area is top-to-bottom big boy features, large pipes, a few boxes, a cannon box, a few small step-up barrel bonks, 3 pretty good sized jumps, and a stairset rail, box & closeout feature at the very bottom.

The mini park has a great variety of features including an up-down bar, a flat box, a c-box, a rainbow bar, a pole jam rail, and two small jumps (10′ and 15′). The smaller jump also has an optional barrel bonk on one side.

Jon getting his nose pressed on the rainbow rail
Jon getting his nose pressed on the rainbow rail

Conditions were basically bluebird with some haze on the horizon, and although temps only made it in to the high teens the sun shining and park laps made it feel a lot warmer. The slopes were fairly well groomed but with only a dusting of natural snow recently, it was hardpack with a light dusting.

At this point in the season normally I wouldn’t be talking about snow totals, but it’s been another bummer of a winter with a lot of mild weather. Right now the slopes have enough but nothing to write home about and in fact it’s clear they don’t have very much snow to weather a few days of above normal temps.  Where the other local hills’ lift towers are buried in 40″ of white stuff, Alpine still has grass showing through between trails.


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