Angel Fire Resort, NM – Customer Service Fail

By now you have probably seen that SNAFU at Snowbasin resort in Utah, where an over-zealous ski instructor harshed on some kids and dropped the f-bomb on camera while threatening to clip their passes; the most recent and visible example of poor customer service. Although nobody is perfect and it isn’t fair to judge the entire ski resort based on the actions of a single employee, as an employee you are the face of the resort, and the resort/management will have to deal with the repercussions. In cases like these, it is not necessarily how the individual on-the-scene handled themselves (poorly!), but rather, how the resort management reacts to the negative press, how they compose themselves and respond to the pressure.

Well here’s another customer service issue that didn’t grab any headlines because there’s no video, no f-bombs, no skiers vs. snowboarders, but it’s poor customer service anyways, at Angel Fire Resort in New Mexico (click to expand, or read the full-text here).

Angel Fire customer service complaint

I put the word out about this on Twitter, to Angel Fire resort and they responded, thanking me for tipping them off and also mentioning they were “moving it along to the right people”.  With that, and since the OP had been called once by a manager who was “gathering facts” it seemed like they were actually doing something to remedy the situation. Unfortunately:

I went to the front desk twice on Monday with no help. Called twice on Tuesday with no help. Finally got a call Wednesday afternoon. Expected a call from them today but of course… didnt get one.

Someone from Angel Fire took the time to leave a cop-out, canned response on Yelp.

…Obviously a guest here had issue with the way his interaction with our bar staff played out. We’re reviewing it. Our staff is asked to err on the side of caution when it comes to maintaining a family-friendly environment in our restaurants that serve alcohol, and we know them to be good people trying their very best. We’re reviewing the decisions made and the follow-up. Ultimately we regret for any small incident to dampen such a great ski day.

My question is how long does it take to “gather the facts” and “review the decisions”. This isn’t rocket science it’s customer service and if you think you’re anything more complicated than a McDonald’s or an Applebee’s, you’re off your rocker.

Angel Fire resort Scumbag customer service

With the exception of the “talking loudly” to voice his displeasure part, which I know from experience it rarely works, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with what they did. These guests had a terrible customer service experience at a facility which is in the business of providing customer service. As overnight guests, they were pretty much captive so they tried and tried to escalate and were met with the run-around at every step of the way.

It shouldn’t be difficult to make this right, but Angel Fire Resort seems determined not to address the problem even though they’ve had every opportunity to do so.

I will update this if there are any developments, but the last I heard, the marketing director has offered a few freebie lift tickets, which in my opinion is a total cop-out. Lift tickets cost the resort nothing, and anyone with rank (like a marketing director) can pull free lift tickets without a paper trail so it’s a convenient way to shut most people up without really doing anything.

UPDATE: As of January 6, 2012 I’m told that the guy and his friend have both been comped a pair of lift tickets and dinner, and that they’ve been told that both “Managers” in the story above have been let go and are no longer employees of Angelfire Resort. Although I don’t take any particular joy in this news and I don’t like to hear about people losing their jobs especially in this economy, it may have been warranted in these circumstances.  Unfortunately it took 3+ weeks to straighten this all out.


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  1. I went to angel fire as well and gave up on going near the restaurant. Service was poor workers were rude. This is going on 10 years of skiing angel fire with my kids think it has really gone down hill. My indicident was also reported waited over an hour for ice and a something to drink. Had issues in the hotel as well.

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