Vail Buys Stowe Mountain Resort for $50 Million

For the past few months, rumors have flown that Vail Resorts, Inc was about to expand the Evil Empire and buy another ski resort, this time on the North American East coast. We alluded to some of these rumors in

Shit Skiers Say: Snowboarding is Dead

Some say “It was better when skiers hated us”, well, some of ’em still do, so we’ve got that going for us, which is nice. Roger Marolt of the Aspen Times takes a complex problem (the fate of the ski

Avalanche at Caberfae Peaks – January 22, 2017

Think avalanches can’t happen in the Midwest? Think again. We’ve learned of a recent slide avalanche at Caberfae Peaks ski resort in Michigan’s lower peninsula, which according to eyewitness reports occurred on Sunday, January 22.  This morning, Scott Kurz shared

Jeremy Jones Involved in UT Backcountry Accident

On January 11, 2017, while snowboarding in Utah’s backcountry, the real Jeremy Jones (the freestyle one) had a very close call, and is suffering from serious injuries to both legs after being caught in an avalanche. This is still a

Preview: K2 Daniel Franck Whales Reissue

For those of you waiting for reissue decks from brands other than Burton, you’re in luck. Of course, other brands have done reissues past and present: Sims reissued the Palmer Clown this year, D-Day Snowboards put out a Mike Ranquet