22 thoughts on “Bad Moments in Branding: Electric Goggles

  1. It’s not the design guy who’s sitting around trying to think of a cool new logo. When you do somethiing like completely ditch a logo that you had for 10 plus years that you are known for throughout the eyewear industry it’s a bigger decsion then that. And when you adopt a logo that already looks like one of the S’s in SS you should be smart enough to do your due deligence and research the hell out of your new proposed logo. If you are familiar with the brand it makes perfect sense, more bad decisions by fakes. Fakes=liars

  2. Eric Crane, Mike Nelson, Steve Hurst are all part of the terrible management team or so called management team. All liars and back stabbers. If you ever thought about working for this company listen up, this is the worst company ever. Toxic is an understatement. The logo thing is one thing but their track record speaks for itself. They are among the most hated group of managers by their employees ever. BELIEVE IT!!! Todd Hymel where are you at man??

  3. It seems like the just simplified their old logo… love the new logo (not the racist connotation, of course). Feel like this argument should have happened a while ago since the logo is the same premise. First thought after seeing this “oh, that sucks.” Then got over it.

  4. You people should really learn to do better research. The reimagined Electric logo is NOT, nor has it EVER been, similar to a KKK logo.

    Getty Images should also heed this advice, because that image is incorrectly captioned. It’s actually a member of the KKK holding a poster from a tiny, obscure group they associated with for a very short time.

    The reason so little information or images can be found on this group is they they were so insignificant – much like the manufactured outrage surrounding this issue, brought upon a handful of people (if not one person alone commenting under various aliases, as is evident in the blatant similarity in content, writing and intent) determined to do whatever was necessary to damage the Electric brand.

    1. Whether the logo was in-fact a Klan logo, or simply a graphic logo used by some other white supremacist ass-clowns on a pamphlet 70+ years ago doesn’t really matter. It is probably an unfortunate coincidence, as I mentioned above. There’s still a striking similarity between Electric’s new single lightning bolt logo, and the “SS” designation (often stylized as *two* lightning bolts).

      I posted this article in April, after coming across the Getty image on social media. After some comments, I did do a little more research and found that others had been making this comparison since *at least* November of 2013, and several commenters also recall another unfortunately coincidental incident involving Electric at SIA (2007-2009?) where they dressed in all white and had giant banners proclaiming “White Powder”. Again I don’t think that probably had anything to do with “white supremacy”, but you have to be a special kind of idiot to not connect the dots and say “ya know what, even though we don’t intend for this to be racist, it’s kind of impossible to ignore it, so maybe we should go back to the drawing board and come up with another logo/slogan/ad campaign/etc….”

  5. Ummmmmmmm, do you have any idea at all what the cost would be to “go back to the drawing board and come up with another logo/slogan/ad campaign/etc….”, and replace all the unfortunately coincidental logos with another – simply because some morons made a mountain out of a molehill?

    Come to think of it, do you have any idea how many other companies, organisations, bands, sporting teams etc. have incorporated insignia into their logos similar to that which was appropriated by the Schutzstaffel during WW2?

    No, didn’t think so.

    1. I know the cost would not be insignificant, and would only get more expensive as time goes on.

      What I was suggesting is to “go back to the drawing board” when your designer proposes an SS logo. If you green-light that design and then people notice the similarity(s) *after* it’s in production/etc., then yes of course it is going to be expensive. Now, it’s just the business decision whether the PR hit is more/less expensive than scrapping an entire production run. Most likely, they estimate that it is not (and they are probably correct in that assessment), so they do some damage control and scrub the logo from the website/etc., and try to put it behind them. That’s all.

      Whether other organizations have made similar gaffes in the past is entirely inconsequential. They would equally deserve to be called out.

      1. Seriously – “when your designer proposes an SS logo”???

        It’s NOT “an SS logo”, nor has it EVER been “an SS logo” – so what exactly is your point???

        Not only did the SS not use any similar logo, neither did any other military force – so again, what exactly is your point???

        So anyway, as far as “other organisations [that may] have made similar gaffes in the past” go – I’m curious, how many times have you “called out” KISS, for example, in the many decades they’ve been performing?

        1. It is most definitely a lightning bolt, *much like* the stylized “SS”. Apparently you do not understand rhetoric.

          Who gives a fuck about KISS? I don’t write about aging glam rock bands from the 1970s and I dont’ give a fuck about them in general, but I do know that they were often accused of being satanic/etc. and I would not be surprised to learn that they had also been accused of using similar “SS” font. It’s true. I just don’t give a shit about it.

          Should we call the Waaaambulance for you? Because you’re coming off as awfully butthurt.

          1. *sigh*

            Why would I be “awfully butthurt”. I’m not the ignorant fucktard who’s embarrassingly incapable of accurately researching an article before ‘writing’ it – that’d be you, David Zemens. Then again, why bother fact checking when you’re just mindlessly rehashing other people’s poorly researched drivel and claiming it as your own, right?


  6. Jeez Chucky gettin pretty steamed up there buddy…..
    Perhaps it’s because regardless of intention and whether the new logo has Klan similarity or not, the damage is already done and the rot is growing. Electric is not invincible and whether you like it or not Chucky, they will lose consumers due to their arrogance on this issue.
    Huh…maybe it was you who authorised the new logo & it’s now your head on the block?

    1. I have no doubt that Electric “lose consumers”, but “due to their arrogance on this issue”? Seriously? What “arrogance”? It’s a genuinely minor issue, and therefore was approached in that manner – nothing “arrogant” about that.

      We’re talking about an entirely coincidental similarity to an insignia that was used for a very short period of time, by a historically inconsequential group of idiots who barely raised even a minor blip on the radar. So much so, that evidently the ONLY photographic evidence of this similar insignia’s use actually depicts someone PRETENDING to be a member of the group in question. The ONLY people who would be even remotely ‘offended’ by this unfortunate coincidence are the type of pathetic losers who are pathologically desperate to take offence to anything and everything.

      But you’re right, “the damage is already done and the rot is growing” – and I hope that as a result, Electric wields their considerable corporate might and sues those responsible for spreading these inaccurate, libellous accusations into financial oblivion.

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