Beak’s Peak Opening Day Edit

Last weekend Jon Tollefson and I set up Beak’s Peak for the inaugural day of it’s third season. It was the first time I rode there, and despite having only one feature to hit, it was a blast. We used the Banshee Bungee to propel us and sessioned a 15′ flat rail for a few hours. Jon’s been riding Beak’s for a few winters now, and it shows in his form and comfort on the rail — as I’m still kind of learning that stuff I got some catching up to do, but it was a great session to make some progress with no pressure and we don’t have to pay for lift tickets!

Here’s the edit, filmed with dual GoPro® HD HERO™ cameras. We set up one stationary cam and one on a boom stick so whichever one of us wasn’t riding could film and try to get some different perspectives/angles. It’s a learning experience figuring out which angles work and produce good footage, but overall we got some decent shots. Now we just need to start stomping some better tricks.

I am not quite there with the 270 on thing yet, but the great thing about video is that you can see what you’re doing wrong. I’m doing several things wrong! First, I’m not rotating my upper body and I’m trying to spin the whole thing with my legs. The second thing I’m doing wrong is a direct result of this poor form: I’m not spinning my upper body so I wasn’t looking over my shoulder properly, thus leaning too far up the rail and slipping out.  Better luck next time!


2 thoughts on “Beak’s Peak Opening Day Edit

  1. Mate – nice video. Really like the look of the GoPro.

    That rail setup looked sweet, and the tricks are looking good too – I watched it at work with no sound. Nice use of the bungee – keep it coming :)


  2. Hey Gavin – thanks! There’s no sound in the video other than the song; the audio on the GoPro is awful to begin with plus we did some slow-motion so I find it’s easier just to kill the audio entirely.

    I’ve got a short vid to post today; on a beginner battleship fun-box at this little village festival we hit up yesterday :D didn’t use as much boom though so the shots are kinda stale but it was a fun beginner feature with zero risk factor so we got to try some different stuff on it!

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