Better Late/Than Never – Full Movie

Last week we previewed Tilghman’s part from the No Way Snowboarding movie, “Better Late Than Never”. Here’s the full edit:

“Better Late/Than Never” Short Film from Villain Motion on Vimeo.

No fashion smoking. No lifestyle shots. No filler. I think I could count the number of park jumps and backcountry cheese wedges on one hand. Lot’s of gap-to over big stairsets, a few tacos and harsh scorpions, very light on the spin-to-win mentality it’s mostly just snowboarding plain and simple mixed up with some tight editing and a fun soundtrack that doesn’t steal the spotlight from the actual riding.

Aside from being all-around cool cats I’m a sucker for any flick that can incorporate The Misfits — or any of Glen Danzig’s vocal (BL/TN uses “Don’t Open Till Doomsday”).

NoWay is also planning to follow up this offering with a Ryland West signature Real Doll, which should hit the shelves of your local adult novelty stores in time for Christmas.

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