Bohemia or Bust

Settled: Unless it’s raining and we get a bad melt-off in mid-January I am headed to the Upper Peninsula.

The western half of the Upper Peninsula, specifically Mount Bohemia and also Ski Porkies with their cat-serviced terrain, has been on my bucket list for a while but because it’s so far away and the weather is so hit-or-miss, I’ve been planning trips to the UP the past few years but it just hasn’t worked out.  Although Bohemia is tops on the list, I would also like to do some light backcountry tours and I’m trying to scrounge up the resources and information to make that happen, too.

Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula
Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula

There are a few options, for lodging, yurt camping, and commuting to-and-from a few different resorts and possible backcountry trails. It’s just so damn damn desolate up there. Everything is far from everything else and there’s no good place to make a “base camp” for a relatively short trip. So we’ll have to commit to a bit of driving if we want to get the goods.

For now, the challenge is going to be finding good enough resources, maps, and hopefully some local knowledge, in order to coordinate drives to trailheads/access points, and hikes that are short enough that we don’t need to worry about getting stranded overnight.

This year I’m committed. Unless it’s raining. Then all bets are off. But if it’s not raining, it’s UP or bust. There’s a number of resorts up in them there hills even if the weather isn’t favoring Bohemia or Porkies, a change of scenery and visiting almost-Wisconsin will be a fun road trip.

6 thoughts on “Bohemia or Bust

  1. Get some people together and carpool. Mt. Bohemia has been on my list for the past 3 seasons and I still haven’t made it up there.

      1. I saw an article on it in TWS years ago. Called it Midwest Extreme or something like that. Had the dude from Shred Shop gonna fly a group us up there in his parachuting plane and go ride. Fell thru. Would of been an adventure though.

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