Boyne County Sports Rail Jam – November 3, 2012

Over the weekend the Boyne County Sports store in Novi, MI hosted their fourth annual Burton Sample Sale & Box Jam (they call it a rail jam but there were no rails). Burton showed up, but didn’t bring any samples to sale which was kind of bogus but Boyne pulled through with massive amounts of snow on their natural drop-in and three features to session.

Panoramic view of the Boyne County Sports box rail jam, November 3, 2012
Panoramic view of the Boyne County Sports box rail jam, November 3, 2012

Features were a double box that was a little bit too slow for most of the riders & skiers to hit, a barrel gap in the center that could be used either to throw aerials or to gap on to the box features, and another box with a slight decline to it. The weather was great, cold in the morning and I think barely topping 45 for most of the event so the snow held up nicely, a bit of sun to take the bite away from the cold air, too.

The MC made it a point to inform everyone that yours truly was a “dinosaur” (all in good fun, of course) at 32, officially the oldest person in the jam.  Too many months off snow showed in my (in)ability to stomp the dismounts/landings. My drops if I remember correctly were like bs boardslide revert, 180 hardway to 50-50 sameway out, 180 hardway to 50-50 pretzel out, fs 270 on (twice), Five-0 bs 180 out. Or something like that. Being under absolutely no illusion that I can compete with 17 year olds, I would like to have stuck a few more landings but overall I was just glad to get out there and have fun.

Anyways the event was super laid back, not a really competition-heavy environment everyone seemed to be having a great time and skill levels varied pretty widely. If you’re in the area and haven’t attended this one in the past I’d recommend you to check it out next season. It’s super beneficial to get a few drops in that sort of environment, low risk, low pressure, and kind of restore your confidence before you take it to the terrain park when the slopes open up in a few weeks.

Thanks to Mike Nichols for the photos.

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