Buck Hill Opens Year-Round Dryslope for Skiing, Snowboarding

Snowboarding year-round? Yep. Buck Hill in Minnesota just opened their dryslope, which will use Neveplast material in place of snow.

Buck Hill dryslope, Neveplast conceptual drawing
Conceptual rendering of the Neveplast surface at Buck Hill, MN

After several months of construction and testing, the dryslope area at Buck opened on September 23, 2016. Buck’s facility is only the second dryslope in North America (not counting a few indoor freestyle facilities), the other is Liberty University’s snowflex center in West Virginia.The Neveplast surface is supposed to simulate real snow, better than anything else available. We’ve yet to try it, but it looks fun, and this opens the door for year-round training for all ski and snowboard disciplines, from beginners, to racing, to freestyle.

The first handrail at Buck Hill's dryslope
The first handrail at Buck Hill’s dryslope

This is an awesome commitment to winter sports, and I’m glad someone finally decided to take the plunge; fingers crossed that it is profitable for them, and that may encourage additional dryslope facilities in years to come.

Buck Hill’s dryslope will be open from 3pm to 9pm on weekdays, and 10am to 8pm on weekends. Midweek lift tickets will be $26 / $16 for adults / children; weekend rates are $32 / $20.

In addition to dryslope skiing & snowboarding, they’re also offering dryslope tubing, so, bring the whole fam.

Dryslope tubing runs at Buck Hill, MN
Dryslope tubing runs at Buck Hill, MN

I’ve ridden a few different dryslope materials in the past, but Neveplast is new to me. While it looks similar to Michigan-based MSnow, this product is silicone-based and may be a little more forgiving. In any case, I’m sure it’s light years better than various carpet-like alternatives such as what’s used at Liberty University’s snowflex center.

If you’ve been to Buck Hill’s dryslope, drop us a line or leave a comment below to let us know how it rides!

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