Burton Snowboard Demo Days at Boyne: February 18-20

Live in Michigan? Lament that snowboard manufacturers don’t come to our state often enough with demo events?  I feel your pain.  Unless you’re a member of the Midwest Reps and can attend the private demo days in early February, demo days in the mitten-state are few and far between.

This makes buying gear more like Russian Roulette, sure you do a bunch of research online and you scour the forums and you talk to that kid at the shop who looks like he might be a snowboarder, but unless you can put that plank on your feet and start sliding, you never really know what you’re buying.

Fortunately, if you can’t attend the MRA event Burton Snowboards will be hosting another demo event at Boyne over Presidents’ Day Weekend.

Of course expect the hills of Boyne Resorts to be super-crowded on a holiday weekend, but it would definitely be worth it if you wanted to try out and compare a few different Burton snowboards.  Most likely they’ll have 2012 decks in hand so you can ride next year’s shred sticks before they’re cool and put them through the paces; see if that mid-flex park deck is really a noodle or if that all-mountain charger will fold under pressure and they’ll most likely have the 2012 decks there to ride

You’ll need to buy a lift ticket and sign an injury waiver but otherwise the demo event is free.  You can download the waiver via BoardDemos.com.


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