Burton US Open – Day 2

I’m a little delayed in getting this update out because there was not much to report on except for the EPIC POW THAT WE SLAYED.

The Angry Snowboarder and I hopped the bus in to Vail looking forward to the reported 6″ of fresh that should’ve filled in the trees nicely. When we made it around to the back bowls we soon discovered it was much, much deeper — easily in the 12-16″ range, and deeper in the windswept spots. The crowds were surprisingly sparse, which made fresh tracks relatively easy to come by even until noon.

With heavy cloud cover and continual snowfall, visibility was minimal. We could see maybe 2 or 3 lift towers. The open bowls were basically un-navigable, for lack of depth perception and visibility, so we opted mainly for the glades where the changing light conditions, and moderately spaced evergreens and aspens enabled better perception.

This is what the Slopestyle course looked like through Torstein Horgmo’s eyes, errr, GoPro.

We intended to stack a few laps in the morning and catch the Women’s Slopestyle finals in the aftenroon. But the snow continued to fall, which made it a terrible day for contest riding and the Women’s Slopestyle event would ultimately be canceled. When all was said and done it was one of the best days of snowboarding I’ve ever had.

Thanks to Nokia for sending me to cover the Open this year.

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