Burton X8 Snowboard Review

I was looking for an eff-around board and trying to scoop something up on craigslist or eBay for under $150. But then on Monday, as if in a dream, the 2009 Burton X8 came to me via SierraSnowboards.com blowout sale. I was on the fence (even though it totally matches my 32 TM2 boots) –  should I buy the Burton X8? Or should I keep shopping?

Mega-props to Hoon for telling me to “jump on it!”. I don’t think I could’ve found a better deal on any board, anywhere. Ever.

Burton X8 all set up!I set her up with my Burton Cartel bindings and set out to meet some friends at “Mount” Holly, in all it’s 250 glorious vertical feet to put her through her maiden voyage. Weather was around 30, twilight/evening conditions on groomers & park.


  • Regular camber (’10 has the v-rocker and scoop nose/tail)
  • True twin-tip
  • ultra-fast sintered WFO base
  • Park Fly III wood core
  • Flex: soft

This was my first ride on the ICS (infinite channel system) which Burton uses on their boards. Mounting the bindings was a breeze. There’s only two screws for each binder, so setup time is cut in half. Easy to adjust them on-the-fly if you have a multi-tool.

The X8 picked up a pretty good amount of speed, but vibed a lot more than I’m used to at speed. Even though I had to “roll down the windows” to keep from bailing, the X8 stuck a few landings which otherwise would’ve been very sketchy.

It’s a tad stiffer than some freestyle boards out there, but I thought the flex was perfect for a little pressing here and there. Lighter riders might want more flex or do what I did and go down a size. Excellent pop for ollies – I could ollie this board like I’d never ollied my Legacy before.

The true twin-tip was a pleasure to ride, made switch easy-peasy.  Riding switch on this board felt almost natural, so kickers: watch out! I’m coming for you. And yes, if you’re wondering, you can “butter” on this board (honestly I’m not sure what the obsession is with butters, but whatever…).

Only a few minor quibbles with this board: It took a little while to get used to braking, I’m pretty good sized, about 210 lbs and there wasn’t as much stopping power as I’m used to. I would’ve gotten the 160cm if it had been available. Could be a little more damp, but if that’s the price I have to pay for the perfect flex, I’m willing to compromise.

If you’re looking for a 2010 Burton X8 new ones will run you about $650 but there are some remaining ’09 Burton X8s going for $419,with free shipping on orders over $50 at Dogfunk.com. The 2010 has the new v-Rocker and scoop nose/tail, but the ’09 is regular camber and doesn’t scoop.  If you need a bigger freestyle board, you might want to stick with the ’09 because it’s available in 160cm, the ’10 only up to 157cm.

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  1. Dude, the X8 is one of my favorite boards. I totaled mine, but I can still ride it. So disappointed. Blew out the edge on a crappy box that had opened ended pipes for the outside rails. MAN!! Who makes that? I want another. Got mine off of Whiskey Militia!

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