CAPiTA Defenders Of Awesome Review

I decided to sip the Transworld Good Wood kool aid and buy my first Good Wood winner along with it being my first Capita snowboard. I bought the Capita Defenders of Awesome because I wanted a positive camber board, and I wanted to give Capita and Good Wood a try. Also, Capita’s new manufacturing facility, The Mothership, is seriously impressive. It’s hard not to support it. Capita if you’re reading this, I’d love to tour that place.

Capita Defenders of Awesome

I’ve tried to avoid purchasing boards from the Good Wood test for various reasons. I feel like it’s continuously the same brands winning every year. There are so many good brands out there that never get mentioned in the major magazines. Show some love to the little dudes! One test that I did like this year was Snowboarder Mags black board test. All boards were completely unknown to the tester and he unbiasedly rated them. This is a test I could get behind and I hope they do it again next year with more boards. Onto the test.

Capita Defenders of Awesome Review

Capita DOA
Catalog photo, Capita DOA

Size: 158 W (Also comes in 148, 150, 152, 154, 156, 158, 160, 155W and 161W)
Bindings: Union/Yawgoon Custom House
Shape: Twin. Positive camber between the feet, with a transition to flat camber and eventually a bit of rocker  near the tips.
Conditions: I took the DOA for her maiden voyage at Solden, Austria. The alps have been having a rough start to this season. No fresh snow and sadly we had all man made snow for this test. Due to lack of snow, Soldens legendary terrain parks weren’t open. Side hits and euro carves all day.

capita DOA

Flex: Capita designed this board to be and all mountain freestyle deck. It’s playful yet responsive. It’s twin so nothing different between nose and tail. For flexibility I’d give it a 6. 1 being pencil, 10 being noodle.

Pop: Being positive camber between the feet, she has a pop that is better than your average park noodle. The cambered tip and tail lets you butter and play while the core of the board give you the response that you want.

Handling: Beautiful. This is where the DOA stood out for me. I was testing on man made sugar with an icy crust. This board ripped through these conditions like it was nothing. Turns on this board felt effortless and fun and she held up through whatever I tried. It never washed out on me and it never felt out of control.

Pricing: The Capita Defenders of Awesome is available in 10 different sizes for $419.

Overall: The DOA has won Transworld’s Good Wood 4 years in a row. Although I’m not a fan of the test, that means something. All mountain ripper with a freestyle heart is my description. Good in pretty much all conditions but excels in maneuverability and freestyle. Although I didn’t get to test it out in a terrain park, I made the mountain my terrain park. Side hits gave me a good idea of what I was working with but I didn’t jib any features. Keep that in mind for this review.


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