Real Talk: Mike Harrington from Flanel Lifestyles

Hot off the crappiest winter in recent memory, Flanel Lifestyles is somehow putting out their third full-length snowboard movie, When It Happens. Mike Harrington and the Flanel crew are really representing Michigan and the Midwest through their movies and video

What’s Next for The RoK at Sugar Loaf? [Interview]

Earlier today I had a chance to speak briefly with Liko Smith’s personal assistant, Dana Telles, who is working with Liko on the RoK at Sugar Loaf development.

The text of this Q&A is presented with minimal editing and without editorial commentary.

Get Local: No Way! Snowboards

From talking with them over the past year or so it’s pretty clear they are passionate about what they’re doing, but also they have a unique approach to the business side of things and a focused philosophy. Here’s the Q&A with all the details on the who what & why of No Way! Snowboards.