Sometimes you Gotta Drive for the Goods

This single photo essentially sums up the winter 2016/2017 season, lots of snow for those willing to drive, but desolation in the lands south of the snow belt- and it’s only gotten worse since the shot was taken. State of

Hiking Highland Bowl

Some call it snowboarding, some call it hell, others consider it a rite of passage.  Whatever it means to you to earn your turns, if you’ve got the chops for the ride down, you need to hike Highland Bowl at

Shit Skiers Say: Snowboarding is Dead

Some say “It was better when skiers hated us”, well, some of ’em still do, so we’ve got that going for us, which is nice. Roger Marolt of the Aspen Times takes a complex problem (the fate of the ski

Weekend Warrior: Snowboarding’s Core Rider?

Weekend warriors get a bad rap because they slave away for 40+ hours a week in their 10×10 cubicles, often planning the next snowboard trip while eating frozen lunches at their desk. They’re not considered to be “core” riders, and