Can Losing Weight Make You a Better Snowboarder?

Editor’s Note: Sabato is the newest contributor at; he’s 40, and in his seventh season snowboarding. If you’re interested in contributing, contact us and let us know! We’re always keen to have different perspectives on snowboarding. Last spring I decided to

How to Build a Snowboard Handrail

If you want to have a backyard session, you need something to slide right? Well, I’m going to show you how to build a snowboard handrail that can be bolted together as most people probably don’t have welders, and if

Dryslope in Toronto: Axis Freestyle Academy

The Axis Freestyle Academy is bringing a 20,000 square foot indoor dryslope to Vaughan, Ontario, which will feature dedicated rail & jib section on a 15-20 degree pitch, as well as a trampoline section for aerials.

Pennsyltucky Part 1: Blue Knob & Blue Laws

This past weekend I threw together a good old-fashioned road trip, just me and my friend Brad hitting the road at 6am on Friday, destination Pennsylvania. Let that sink in for a minute.¬†Of all places, yes, Pennsylvania. I’ve never ridden