Pennsyltucky Part 1: Blue Knob & Blue Laws

This past weekend I threw together a good old-fashioned road trip, just me and my friend Brad hitting the road at 6am on Friday, destination Pennsylvania. Let that sink in for a minute. Of all places, yes, Pennsylvania. I’ve never ridden

Nub’s Nob Opening Weekend

Nub’s Nob was the only open ski area for about 400 miles in any direction and a quick look over my shoulder in the direction of Boyne Highlands, which was still mostly green, confirmed that were were lucky to even have this option.

The Chase: New Beginnings

With a last minute notice that Cannonsburg would only be open Saturday(3/21) this weekend,  my plans quickly changed. As I scrambled to find somewhere to ride, I found that Bittersweet would be open just a little ways south of me,

Michigan Ski Resorts Snowball Run

I was inspired by a piece in the latest Snowboarder Mag where their editors went on a “Snowball Run” through the state of Vermont, aiming for 12 ski resorts in 24 hours. Knowing that Michigan is second only to New York state in terms of ski resorts, I figured I’d try to work out something similar.