The Chase: New Beginnings

With a last minute notice that Cannonsburg would only be open Saturday(3/21) this weekend,  my plans quickly changed. As I scrambled to find somewhere to ride, I found that Bittersweet would be open just a little ways south of me, so I grabbed a quick nap after work (I work 3rd shift) and made my way…

Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula

Bohemia or Bust

This year I’m committed. Unless it’s raining. Then all bets are off. But if it’s not raining, it’s UP or bust. There’s a number of resorts up in them there hills even if the weather isn’t favoring Bohemia or Porkies, a change of scenery and visiting almost-Wisconsin will be a fun road trip.

Subaru wheel, Wall ride, cannon

Cannonsburg Ski Area Review

In the midwest, we don’t so much chase the pow as we do hunt for strange, and with nearly 40 ski areas in the state of Michigan alone, it’s not difficult to find a place you’ve never ridden, it’s just a matter of getting there.

Cannonsburg Ski Area is located just outside of Grand Rapids, MI about 2.5 hours West of Detroit and 3.5 hours Northeast of Chicago.