Matt Ruhle at Mt. Holly

Matt Ruhle at Mt. Holly

Two minutes of awesome coming at you from Mt. Holly, Michigan where Matt Ruhle and the rest of the park crew did some awesome builds and added great new features throughout the season. Matt also kills it as a rider, here’s his late-season edit: Next Girl from Trevor Newman on Vimeo.



Blackout went to Mount Bohemia with a Super 8 and put down this trippy, kaleidoscopy, pow-surfy, tree-bonky edit. It’s a little something different to hopefully help cure your springtime blues. Featuring: Jack Harris, Kyle Wood, John Kubiak, Mark Hartmann, Adam RottSchaffer and Stewart Smith DROHEMIA from Black Out on Vimeo.



BLACK OUT is the two-year video project from Scott Smith and the Michigan-based Blunts Brews and Bad Newz crew.  Above all it showcases some of Michigan’s best snowboarding talent and probably the finest cinematography you’ll see in a “local” edit.  It’s rad, and I’ve got an extra copy to give away in time for the…