Closing Day – Pine Knob, March 10, 2012

Closing days around here have a tendency to not happen at all, or to be awful, but a reprieve in the warm spell gave us two very cold overnights and Friday was cold enough to firm up the snow and stop the melt. Saturday’s forecast was cold to start, warming up to near 50 which looked like the perfect setup for spring riding, so I met Mike N up at the Knob for whatever it turned out to be.

There was almost nobody there when we arrived a little after 10am, except the park crew who I want to single out:

Pine Knob’s park crew – you guys effing rock! Honestly, I can’t say enough good things about the Timberline park and that you kept it open and in great riding condition through closing day. Absolutely awesome setup this year. Seriously, thank you. And keep up the good work.

Although more people would show up as the day went on, for the most part we had the run of the place. The snow was firm with a few icy cord patches early, but softening considerably throughout the day to that perfect spring slush (so elusive in Michigan since a few days of rain can close the slopes unexpectedly, and for good), that you see in magazines and other people’s edits from spring break at 13,000 feet.

About midway through the day we heard the confirmation that they would not be opening Sunday, the product of spring fever, low turnout, and lots of meltoff. So we just kept going. Rollers and slush and parking lot beers and small side hits and laps in the park and no lines to get on the chairlifts on a gorgeous day it’s the type of day that you wish could never end.

But it did end, uneventfully, like the season as a whole. Small time. No big production. No beach bash. No drunken wilding out or pond skimming or topless girls throwing panties in a tree. No fanfare. ‘Round these parts, the lifts just stop spinning one day and half the time it seems nature steals even the “last chair” and we’re left wanting.

But this year we got what we wanted: beautiful conditions and perfect spring slush to close out the winter that never was.

See you next winter!


2 thoughts on “Closing Day – Pine Knob, March 10, 2012

  1. Man…sucks I miss the entire season. Here’s hoping I continue to get better when I DON’T go for a season haha. Thanks for all the updates. At least kept me there in spirit.

    • first day will probably be a little sketchy but you’ll pick it up again no sweat. mark your calendar for April 7ish next year, Mammoth Cali. Alternatively, may be looking at a weekend some other time in the season or doing the adult summer camp at Woodward/COpper Mtn to get rad.

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