Contour Flex Strap Mount Review

Yeah it’s a slow news day so I’m reviewing a camera accessory, this time the Contour Flex Strap mount, which is designed to give you some much needed versatility for your Contour camera.

What’s included in the box: One rotating mount, one 9″ strap and one 5.25″ strap.

flex strap whats in the box
Contour Flex Strap includes mount, 9" and 5.25" straps

Usability: The flex strap mount is pretty intuitive I didn’t even need to read the instructions. It is basically a stretchy rubber strap that loops over two knobs just get it tight enough and it will stay in place. I am going to try this out as a helmet mount, today:

contour flex strap helmet mount
Using the 9" flex strap to mount the Contour to my MTB helmet

Versatility: All POV cameras have inherent limitations, but the Flex Strap Mount kind of opens up some new perspectives, that you might not have otherwise been able to get, like the “board’s eye view” on rails which is interesting and a good change of pace if all you have is a small budget and a POV to work with:

Board's eye view of the Timberline terrain park, closing day 2012
Board's eye view of the Timberline terrain park, closing day 2012

For mountain biking, cycling, motorcycling, etc., the flex strap allows some neat perspectives as you can mount it easily anywhere on the bike, also see some good potential for using it for follow/followed cam angles as long as you can stay tight with the subject.

This little clip was shot at low resolution setting on an overcast day, using the Flex Strap mounted to the down tube.

Limitations: keep in mind that this isn’t going to turn your POV shots in to cinematic masterpieces. Especially on snowboard any sort of boardslide or spin really isn’t going to show up very well. And for any medium, POV gets boring after a while (not a very long while, either!) but it’s fun to shoot this way and keep your own “home videos” if nothing else.

Pricing: The Contour Flex Strap is like $30 which I guess is not a lot of money but still seems unreasonable. I really wanted it though so I dished out for it. I’d prefer it to be like $15 or less since all it is just a rubber strap and some plastic.

Summing it up: If you’ve already got a Contour cam it’s probably worth the investment even though I think it’s an overpriced accessory. Alternatively, you could always use duct tape.

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