Could This Winter Be Even Worse Than Last?

Ten days off work and no snow so yeah I’m starting to feel like this.


With the Christmas holiday barely a week away, I think it’s pretty safe to say that the impossible is happening: this winter is going to be worse than last winter.

Across the midwest many hills haven’t even opened yet. Cannonsburg, home to one of the best parks in the Midwest, has yet to open. Some of the resorts further north are barely open. My local hills have had maybe 8 open days so far this season separated by extended closures due to warm weather. Parts of Wisconsin and Minnesota that got off to an earlier start aren’t faring much better.

If there was ever a time I hope I’m wrong it’s this. But we’ve already lost nearly an entire month of the season to warm weather and with every week, hell, with every day that goes by, the chances of this season panning out better than last year get slimmer and slimmer.



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