Crystal Mountain Meet-up – December 17

Leo has taken the lead on organizing a meet-up at Crystal Mountain the weekend of December 16-18. Saturday will be the main “meet-up” day since not everyone will be there on Friday evening.

If you’re interested in getting in on the action, read on.

Crystal Mountain Resort - view from the top of Buck trail
View of Crystal Mountain resort from the top of Buck trail


Besides the obvious shredding your face off…

We are working on lining up some really cool surprises for everyone, nothing is 100% confirmed but it all looks very promising. You’ll have to be there to find out what’s in store!

We might do a friendly game of SHRED or something of that nature. Maybe we could do a best Zeach or best Girl Method contest. There may be prizes for the winners. There may also be penalties for the losers.

There may or may not be a contest to see who can eat the world’s hottest burrito.

Lodging & Details:

We will be getting a large cabin a few miles down the road from the resort, and conveniently located within stumbling distance of the Crystal Palace Lounge. The cabin rental will be arranged through Crystal Adventures (not affiliated with the resort) and depending on turnout, space may be limited, so it will be filled on first come, first served basis.

If you’d like to crash in the cabin (I can’t imagine why you would, after I announce a burrito eating contest…) we anticipate a final cost of about $50 per person for lodging.

You’ll be on your own for food & lift tickets.

Of course you are welcome to make your own lodging arrangements at Crystal Mountain resort, at the cabins offered by Crystal Adventures, or at any of the various hotels in nearby Cadillac (~30 mins drive) and just meet up with everyone during the day.

How to get in on the action:

Send an email to David or Leo to exchange contact info & final details. Let us know if you want to stay at the cabin and if you are bringing any additional guests. We’ll send you directions, final cost per person for the cabin, etc., once we know how many people are going. Please also read the agreement/liability thing that Leo posted at the forum.

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