Dakine Tour Snowboard Bag Review & Comparison

I’ve got a Dakine board bag that I’ve had since 2003. It’s been good to me but years of over-stuffing have taken their toll so over the weekend I stopped by REI and picked up a Dakine Tour snowboard bag ($75), 165cm. This is what it looks like all loaded up:

The Tour is the same overall length as my old board bag but the zipper is now on the side, rather than across the top running down the middle of the board.  It’s a lot roomier than the old bag, easily holding my Ride Machete mounted with Burton Cartel bindings (the bindings were a problem in the old bag).

Another difference between this bag and my old one is that the old one was only designed to hold a snowboard, and the new Tour bag is designed to accommodate more. There are two exterior pockets which hold your boots with room to spare.

There is still space inside the bag to fit some of your smaller soft goods, and a jacket or snow pants (I fit an XL pair of bibs in there). I prefer to carry my helmet with me when I travel, but you could fit your brain bucket in there instead of pants or a jacket if you wanted to.

Dakine makes three other board bags, I can’t give you a full-fledged review on their performance but here’s a brief rundown of the differences between them.

  1. The Freestyle ($50)is a basic board bag kind of like my old one. There aren’t any pockets for boots.  This is a good storage bag, and serviceable travel bag, heck I got 7 years out of mine.
  2. The Low Roller ($150)is basically the Tour only with wheels.  Real snowboarders carry their bags, but if you travel a lot I can see how you might want this, it will be easier to lug around the airport.
  3. The High Roller ($190)is an upgrade from the Low Roller, made with some beefier materials that should weather frequent travel and all the abuse that airline baggage handlers can muster. It has an extra exterior pocket that can hold a tuning kit or some other items.

If you’re flying with a snowboard as I do once or twice a winter, you should probably have a decent bag to stow it in.  At $75 MSRP, the Tour is probably the best all-purpose board bag that Dakine makes for your average snowboarder who might travel a few times a year.  The Low Roller and High Roller pack in some extra features but for most of us the price differential just isn’t gonna be worth it.


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