Did Yobeat.com Sell Out?

Yobeat recently got all covered with Nike, presumably therew as some loot in it for them or they wouldn’t have done it.  For now it walks and talks just like the same old yobeat only purpler but that doesn’t stop people from drinking the Haterade.

A bunch of people responded to Yobeat’s poll asking how they feel about the new Nike theme. Nearly 2/3 of the people responding either didn’t care, or didn’t care enough to pick a serious answer. No surprise there… The other 1/3 said that they’re definitely selling out for taking Nike’s money.

Here’s the deal, and a lot of people I think just don’t get it.

“Selling out” is not the same as “getting paid” for what you like to do — even though sometimes what starts out innocently turns in to something bad, getting paid can certainly lead you down the path to selling out, but it doesn’t have to.

When the suits endorsing those checks tell you that you can’t publish the post about [something controversial] then you’re at the crossroads of selling out and keeping it real. Game time. What do you do? If you compromise on what makes you you in order to keep cashing those paychecks, congratulations, you’ve sold out.

I don’t care if Yobeat wants to get paid for what they do. Keeping the costs of running a site (like bandwidth, illegitimate children scattered across the states, bar tabs, new bindings, etc.) under control or investing in stuff to make it better isn’t “selling out.” When they start wiping their asses with c-notes or pimping nothing but Nike products and ignoring everything else in the industry, then you can sound the alarm.

But you know what? Most of us have sold out, too. We’re all doing shit we don’t want to do, 40 hours a week, so we can sometimes be able to pay for the things we do want to do. It ain’t pretty, but it’s life.

2 thoughts on “Did Yobeat.com Sell Out?

  1. Every writer walks a fine line between cashing in and selling out. I just got asked to write some advertorials for a p.r. guy for some of his clients. Will I? Fuck no because that’s not what I believe in. But could I? The money is sitting right there ripe for the takings.

    1. For sure. I’m a firm believer that – even with all the “anonymity” on the internet – most people most of the time can smell bullshit a mile away.

      And that’s why people keep reading you, because you’ve built up a reputation doing what you believe and it’s not bullshit; if it was they’d be gone.

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