Do-It-Yourself Pole Mount for GoPro Camera

Before heading to Breckenridge CO over the weekend for a few days I decided I really needed a pole mount for my GoPro camera (review)but didn’t want to shell out the $20 for the extra mount or find a ski pole to use (and carry around with me on the slopes!) so I went MacGyver on it.  I scrounged through my garage and found a retractable broom or snow scraper (not exactly sure what it is), unscrewed the scraper end and with a copious amount of duct tape I was able to secure the camera mount to the end.

This pole is extendable/retractable, so I can easily stow it in a backpack. If you’re not feeling the DIY MacGyver urge, there are a variety of factory-made options like the XShot Camera Extender or various monopods available for less than $20.

Gratuitous self-congratulatory picture taken in my kitchen so excuse the really bad lighting!

I’ll be mixing up some videos from Breckenridge where I used this mount and the footage came out really nice. Although for ease of use locally I’m still going to use the GoPro as a hand-held (carrying the pole around is a pain in the ass) you get much better videos with an extended pole mount like this.

4 thoughts on “Do-It-Yourself Pole Mount for GoPro Camera

  1. Hi Ben – I think I used the flat mount – the one that doesn’t have any of the 3M tape on it. I just used a very liberal amount of duct tape. But that’s a good question I will try to take a picture of this with my phone and update this article to show it.

  2. That makes sense. I was brainstorming and using epoxy to secure it to the pole might be a good idea if you dont mind never getting the mount off.

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