Don’t Litter the Mountain

I’ve been on a snowboard for over a decade now and it seems like it doesn’t matter where I go, I see litter on the hill.  How hard is it to understand “don’t litter the mountain”?  Do you like seeing litter in your own yard? Your community?  No?  Then keep our recreation areas clean too.

People who litter, suck.

If you can carry your full beer while you ride, you can carry your empty cans until you see the next trash can.  Same goes for food wrappers and hand warmers.  Have you ever been to your local hill during snow melt?  It’s disgusting. People have to go around and pick up after people because assholes leave so much shit behind. We shouldn’t have to do this.

I want to make this clear, if you’re throwing your trash from the chair lift or while you ride into the forest, or anywhere other than a refuse container, you really are the lowest denomination of human.  You just might be a waste of flesh, food, water, and oxygen.  Seriously.  Why would you go somewhere you find to be fun and/or beautiful and turn it into a trash heap?

There should not be enough trash on the trail for any of us to be able to collect this much refuse:

How we can help.

Now, I suspect that our faithful readers don’t fall into this category.  If any of you do, see the above paragraph. What we can do together however is when we see rubbish, pick it up and take it to the trashcan at the next chair lift. Hiking through the woods somewhere? Carry a trash bag with you.

When I hiked Highland Bowl for the first time, someone forgot a bottle of water at the top.  Forgetting things doesn’t bother me as we all make mistakes. However I mention this because people at the top made sure that bottle of water got packed out.  This way the mountain didn’t collect that piece of litter.  As a community, this is something we can all work on together in order to keep our mountains as clean as possible.

What the resort can do.

If you are a resort owner or manager, there are things you can do to help out as well.  A lot of smaller areas don’t have easily accessed refuse containers.  It’s easy to have a refuse container at the top and bottom of each chair lift. Even at common areas where you know that people congregate.  Sure someone has to go empty them, but it’s better than picking up at the end of the season.

If it’s still a problem at the end of the season, organize a clean up event.  Even if you don’t offer a reward, people who truly care about the mountain, park, whatever it is, will come out and help clean the place up.

We should all be working together to keep our recreation areas as clean as nature.  Whether it is the ski area, the beach, the hiking trail, or anywhere else.  We spend our time, money, and vacation days going to enjoy these things that we should strive to keep them enjoyable.  Remember it is easier to change your own actions than the actions of another, so pick up what you can.  If you litter, just stop being a douche already.


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