Electric Responds…

A little over a week ago, we noted the unfortunate similarities between Electric’s new logo and a stylized “SS” lightning bolt previously used on some white supremacist pamphlets (Note: someone else made this observation at least six months ago).  Anyhow, this eventually made the rounds to Boardistan and was aptly satired by Illicit Snowboarding and eventually got someone’s attention over at Electric.

Today, Electric’s CEO Eric Crane issued a response, including:

In no way is ELECTRIC connected to, or inspired by anything related to discrimination, racism, or otherwise . . . and we will never be. The ELECTRIC mark’s resemblance to something that was used by a select few in an ugly part of America’s heritage is purely coincidental. Our logo was developed as a product of design refinement of the original volt, with simplification as the goal.

H/T to YoBeat/Boardistan for seeing this before I did, and also for painstakingly transcribing Electric’s entire statement.



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