Gas-Powered Snowboard LOLWUT?

If you’ve been looking for a way to shred the gnar without actually using any of your own muscles, today is your lucky day, because for the bargain-basement price of only $2,000 you can get your very own gas-powered snowboard. (If you own one of these, please contact me because I’d love to interview you!)

This is the gas-powered vehicle that combines the thrill of riding a snowmobile and the freedom of a snowboard, enabling you to surf effortlessly over the deepest fresh powder or on packed, granular snow.

If you ask me, it looks like a snowboard version of those Rascal motorized scooters that old, fat, handicapped people use to motor around the Wal-mart. All it needs is a basket on front in which you could put a bag of chips or a box of frosted donuts. Do you think they’d let you on the chairlift with one of these? It doesn’t matter – you don’t need no stinkin’ chairlift! (Assuming, of course, that it’s powerful enough to drag your lazy ass up the mountain, too.)

Fatties beware, though, it’s only rated for 250 pounds.

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