Greg Bretz: I Want to Take Shaun White Off the Podium

Will 2014 be the year that someone other than Shaun White wins the Olympic halfpipe gold?  If Greg Bretz has anything to say about it, yes. And actually, Bretz has a lot to say.

Sparking the next chapter in Real Housewives: Sochi, Greg Bretz sounded off earlier commenting that he thinks Shaun White is beatable in the halfpipe at Sochi.

Style does play a huge role in what we’re doing, and um, I think the judges are going to finally start looking past the not board grabbing and stuff. I do think he’s beatable.

Did he just call out Shaun White for a boot grab? LOL.

Greg Bretz says Shaun White is Beatable

Greg Bretz says Shaun White is Beatable, in an interview with Pat Parnell from Yahoo! Sports

When pressed, a lot of guys might tell you that Shaun looks right through you, or that everything is a carefully coordinated PR move, that he doesn’t have friends among professional snowboarders (which is really weird), etc. But few are willing to question his love for the sport like Bretz does:

It almost seems to me like he doesn’t really have the love for snowboarding, like the rest of us snowboarders do. He’s just there to win.

Perhaps the comment that’s going to draw the most criticism is when Bretz said his dream scenario is that White doesn’t even make the podium: “I would want to take Shaun off the podium. Me, Danny (Davis) and Taylor (Gold) in that specific order.”

Quotes above taken from a video interview he did with Yahoo Sports, which can be found here.

Bretz is a 2-time Olympian who recently joined a very exclusive list of snowboarders who have beaten White in head-to-head competition, besting him on the Dew Tour last year in Breckenridge.

The comments, as always, are gold:

bretz comments


In Bretz’ defense, while he certainly didn’t pull any punches or sugarcoat it, he was pretty civil about it.  I don’t think he came off as a spoiled, bitter or jealous.  He’s a competitor as they all are, and he wants to win and share the podium with friends. Nothing wrong with that in my book.  The whole “teammates” thing is vastly overrated; halfpipe is after all an individual event, there is no team medal, and in the grand scheme of things who wins or even how many medals are awarded to a particular country’s “team” doesn’t mean anything.


2 thoughts on “Greg Bretz: I Want to Take Shaun White Off the Podium

  1. “spoiled, bitter or jealous” that’s exactly how he came across. I’m in agreement with those who are calling him a douche.

    • Would it be better if Bretz was all like, “No, it’s cool I want Shaun to win!” Seriously?

      Or how about this: I mean, Shaun presumably has a list of how he wants to see the podium, which does not involve Bretz beating him for the second time. Does that make him a douche, too? Because he wants to win and wants Bretz to place below him? Of course not.

      You’re not a douche simply because you want to win. Even if you want to beat your “teammates”.

      Can’t give the kid any credit for speaking candidly? You’d rather see rah-rah politically correct and boring fucking comments “Well I just want everyone to give 100% and whoever is best will win…” The same shit that you see in every major sport, where athletes have neither personalities, nor opinions of their own? No thanks. I’d rather the guy speak his mind.

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