Hawk Island Snow Park – 2/20/2012

Hawk Island lift ticketBeleaguered by bad weather and other setbacks, Hawk Island Snow Park was determined to salvage this winter and finally opened to the public on February 18, 2011. All weekend they were letting kids ride, ski, or snow-tube for free, so on Monday afternoon I made the drive up there to check out the happenings.

I got there right when they were opening for the afternoon around 4pm and met Sam (who has been volunteering with the park crew) in the parking lot to go shred. The tubing hill was definitely a draw yesterday and lots of families were out enjoying the mild weather and having fun. There were about a dozen people on the snow park hill, and a few more would come and go during the few hours I was there.

Right now the set up is small, and operating on a “conditions permitting” basis. They had built one small kicker, and a few guys built a bigger one a little higher up. For jib features there was a single-barrel rail (ollie-on), a barrel bonk on the runout from the rail, and a flat box.

Rail, box and small kicker at Hawk Island Snow Park
Rail, box and small kicker at Hawk Island Snow Park

Both the rail and the box were super smooth and the diggers were keeping them well-groomed in between sessioning them with us.

Approaching the box at Hawk Island Snow Park
Approaching the box at Hawk Island Snow Park

Maintenance: The Snow Park has lights for night time operations, a t-bar rope tow system, full snowmaking capabilities and a groomer. Individual features are maintained by usual methods: shovels, rakes, and elbow-grease.

one of the diggers gets down with a back lipslide on the rail
one of the diggers gets down with a back lipslide on the rail

The verdict: better late than never. I am glad they were able to open this year just to give people a taste of, hopefully awesome things to come next winter and beyond. When they get a full set of features they can rotate in and out, and a bit more snow, this park would be an awesome spot to ride with friends. The pricing is dirt cheap ($3 parking, and lift tickets are $5 or $7) and it is the perfect environment to dial in new tricks and really hone your jib skills.

For up-to-date info on hours of operation, pricing, etc., follow Hawk Island County Park’s facebook page.

Note: Google Maps might not take you to the right address (it took me down some residential dead-end street that backs up to the park property) so make sure you use the 1601 E. Cavanaugh Rd., Lansing Charter Township, Ingham, MI 48910 address.

3 thoughts on “Hawk Island Snow Park – 2/20/2012

  1. David thanks so much for coming out, despite the fact that we have been plagued by weather problems. Agnarchy is a great site and your interest and approval of our spot means a lot. We are open all weekend and there is a ton more snow now! So if you have the time, come on up again and have some fun with us. Thanks again David!
    Zak, HIASOC board chair

    1. Awesome! Glad to hear you are open again this weekend unfortunately I will be up at Crystal Mountain… if the weather holds and you’re still open next week I will try to get out again! Otherwise there is always next year and I’m looking forward to what you guys are doing up there!

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