Hawk Island Terrain Park – 1/8/2013

Hawk Island Terrain Park opened over the holidays and although I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet this season, my friend Sam was up there after dark and gives the following report:

Hawk Island is set up really nicely. Everything was well maintained and groomed and it wasn’t crowded at all.

There is a progression row at the bottom, ride on box; ride on rainbow box; fat rail; up rail. After that a ride on dance floor then a small gap to box. At the top is the gnarlier stuff. A down rail; kicker; down to flat fat rail; and then a closeout rail feature that you can do a bunch of stuff on with transfers and whatnot. You can gap the closeout to the rail, transfer from the side, etc. Then at the very bottom you can hit a 5 ft high cannon; jib a wall or ride out on a c-rail.

Dying to get out to Hawk Island, soon. Lift tickets are $10 and parking is $3. They do not have rental ski/snowboard equipment so you’ll need your own. Hawk Island also offers snow-tubing, and tubes can be rented on-site.

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