If it’s not a Burton, why would I want it?

Sunday Funday hope you’re out there getting after it. Me, I’m nursing sore ribs from Thursday night’s session; I managed to stab myself in the ribs with my own elbow somehow coming off a box fakie and catching an edge in the bombed out landings.  I’ve mentioned before how sh*tty these parks are sometimes especially when it’s crowded and all the ski-school kids are there… well, I should know better but whatever.

There is a big storm front approaching and it looks like Tuesday/Wednesday this week the metro-Detroit area could get 8-12 inches of snow. Everyone has heard about this and just waiting to see what the weather does but either Tuesday or Wednesday is shaping up to be pretty epic and I want to be ready for it. Next weekend is Test Fest but even if I jack my rib and start spitting blood I’ll be good to get out and demo snowboards. I just might need to steer clear of the park for a few weeks.

Anyways if you’re not out there riding today here is a bit of humor courtesy of Dusty’s Boardshop in Walla Walla, Washington.

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One thought on “If it’s not a Burton, why would I want it?

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