Is Red Star World Wear a Scam?

If you’ve seen the Transworld Gear Guide you’ve seen a gift card worth $500 to a company called Red Star World Wear which sells sunglasses and watches. Since this issue was delivered, I’ve seen a lot of people asking whether this is a scam. These people are highly-engaged snowboard enthusiasts, if they think you’re scamming them, you’re doing it wrong. Or you’re actually scamming them.

Is the Red Star $500 “gift card” a scam?

It’s not really a “scam” like some Nigerian dude stealing money from your checking account (although since I first published this article, a lot of people have left comments about really bad customer service, fraudulent charges, failure to refund money, etc. so be careful!) but it is a pretty shady sales tactic and you should see right through it because:

  1. Quality products tend to sell themselves without gimmicky marketing.
  2. No business makes money by giving away $500 worth of free stuff to millions of people.
Red Star $500 Gift Card in 2011 Transworld Gear Guide
Red Star $500 Gift Card in 2011 Transworld Gear Guide

The merits of guerilla marketing and word-of-mouth and focus groups notwithstanding, face it: nobody is going to see you wearing your totally sick new Red Star World Wear watch and shades, and then go pay full MSRP. So they’re not making money by giving you free stuff, and they’re not doing a controlled giveaway/promotion, either.

If it’s not a scam, how does Red Star make money?

Red Star offers you what seems like a crazy-exclusive deal on high-quality product (by pretending that their product is worth some ridiculous price) and then offers you an opportunity to buy at a steep discount just by paying a small “service fee” which the gift card doesn’t cover.

The main problem is, this ad is specifically designed to hide the fact that you’re paying $20 for $20 sunglasses, not getting a super-rad deal on a pair of $200 high end sunglasses. Red Star basically admits this.

There is a 9% Service Fee (per item) that pays for all expenses that RedStar incurs to get the product into your hands. This 9% service fee includes: USPS First Class delivery, processing and handling, and general overhead which includes; customer service, order processing, warehousing, labor, cost of goods and materials, profit, and marketing.

A mere 9% fee covers all of their expenses and earns them a profit!

This isn’t a new concept, various companies have been hawking watches and sunglasses this way for years in all types of magazines from Smithsonian to Runner’s World to Field & Stream, but Red Star is certainly a new low in terms of the way they are pushing this by the in-your-face popout and the deceptive “gift card” concept.

Is Red Star World Wear a scam? No. But it’s definitely scammy, and on that basis alone I would avoid them. If that’s not enough, then just ask yourself what valuable contribution Red Star brings to the world of snowboarding.

186 thoughts on “Is Red Star World Wear a Scam?

  1. I sent away for 5 pair of glasses and upon receiving them I immediately put 3 back in the box for a refund. The photos of the sunglasses are great, the glasses are cheap plastic crap. I sent them back 3 weeks ago and still have not received a refund of any kind.The scam is even though I bought 5 pairs of glasses for free (because I had a discount card) they charged $9.99 per pair to be delivered, ALL 5 pairs were in the same box. $50 dollars I even got a complimentary wrist watch $9.99 delivery charge All in the same box. Total to my credit card was $60 dallars, I got 2 pair of cheap sun glasses and a lousy junky watch they got my $60 dollars and I’m still waiting for my refund. STAY CLEAR of THE SCAM !

    1. Hey Tom, sorry about your luck! If you want to light a fire under their asses to fix your refund situation, call your credit card company and contest those charges most likely your card will reverse the charges even if RSWW doesn’t refund you, and then it’s a knock against RSWW because it they get too many chargebacks like that the credit cards may stop working with them altogether.

  2. I think you can find similar glasses at the dollar stores.

    I wonder if they really have UV protection. I guess losers will find out in 20 years when they are blind.

    1. thanks for the advice, i was wondering how this company makes profit. first they offer you great products supposingly and then they charge you once a month for average products. terrible deal.

  3. i have gone through this company 3 times now and each time i’ve gotten about 5-6 pairs of sunglasses for roughly 75 dollars total. this is not a scam and anybody who says it is has either not ordered anything from them or only ordered the cheapest ones they had. there is no way these sunglasses are as cheap as dollar store or gas station sunglasses. i have gotten a few cheaper ones from them and agree that they arent the best quality but if you look you can find amazing quality sunglasses. i have several pairs that are fog proof and scratch resistant and easily worth at least 75$ a piece. yes you have to pay “shipping” which is crappy because its a free gift card but if you pick they right pairs its still a pretty amazing deal. i know its hard to know what to believe with these marketing schemes but because of the amount of people questioning their products they have become quite popular… which is what they probably wanted. they make their money off the “shipping” which isnt alot but they are still getting their name out there. and if you see some that you like on their site dont be afraid to order them because they arent doing anything sketchy… just trying to promote their up and coming business

    1. My daughter purchased glasses from this company. Not great quality (you get what you pay for). However, that is not the issue. The issue is that Red Star has a section on their order form saying that unless you indicate so, you will be charged every month for more sunglasses which are sent to you randomly. I asked that they discontinue this “service” and they complied. We returned the glasses and asked for a refund. It’s been three months and I still have not received a refund on my credit card. After numerous attempts via email to their customer service department (can’t get in touch with them via phone), they have only responded with canned emails.

      There are at least 27 complaints filed against Red Star with the Better Business Bureau for issues such as the one we have experienced among others.

      1. This is what happened to me! I just cancelled my debit card they have on file & will pray it doesn’t happen again. How can I get a complaint filed as well?

    2. Most of the quality concerns being $180 whatever it may be but actually cost $15 shipping and at street value, aside… they are not an up and coming business, but they are very good at pretending they still are. Well they sell (still do as of June ’13), and have been selling themselves as a “branch-out” brand for years and years and years and years. I saw them in a Maxim magazine when I was subscribed to them about 4 or more years ago. When in reality, they are a cheap-o/medium range brand with great marketting behind it. They might be good quality even for the shipped price, and they might or might have customer service (decent but not great from what Ive read). But at that point you might be rolling the dice on $15 pair of ‘glasses. Again, just be sure you know what ur paying for and that ur using the ‘coupon’ they provide you with-or you’d even be more suckered in.

  4. i got the gift card out of a magazine for 500$ and thought i could by some presents for my family now that i know its a scam i dont agree with jymi so as justin bieber would sing “NEVER SAY NEVER” i say”NEVER GO TO REDSTAR

  5. I got my scam card in the mail w/ my Playboy subscription! Shame on Playboy for doing this! I ‘m glad there is a site like this! It saved me some GRIEF! I subscribe to Playboy for the articles not for a “FREE” $500.00 gift card.

    1. The articles? Really? I’m sure you didn’t subscribe for the Redstar gift card, but don’t piss on my leg and tell me its raining.

      1. The internet is for porn, playboy is for the articles…honestly any of the pictures you get in the magazine is available somewhere online. So we are pissing on your leg telling you that you are stupid for standing where we were pissing.

    2. This is a scam. I purchase merchandise 2 weeks ago, they charged my credit card. I never got the goods. When you call no one answers. The email they send you for resolution is bogus. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE GUYS!!!!

      1. I posted my compaint on their face book and they called me. Sent the watches I ordered (no sunglasses) Watch heads are nice enough, bands are cheap though. I paid 9 bucks though. Cant get that at walmart! (Watches are not supposed to be for sale, was a glitch they say)

      2. I’ve never had a problem with them. I used the gift card, didn’t like the pair I originally ordered, returned them and got a sweet pair of aviators instead.

  6. If it’s a scam, I can’t see how… I tried it out and got all my stuff. I compared them to cheap 5 dollar glasses and they are far more durable and yes they are everything they say they are… Are they worth there full face value… No I would say they are worth the gift card total price you have to pay (the fee plus shipping). So otherwise it’s a deal if you use the gift card otherwise don’t buy them.

        1. this ain’t door-to-door. this is deliberately misleading that you are selling $200 glasses for $20, when the fact of the matter is that you are actually only selling $20 glasses.

          If Ford said the Taurus was a $300,000 car comparable to a Lambo, and then offered it for $30k, you’d call bullshit on them. This is the same concept.

          1. It’s called Trap Door sales tactics.. Guerrilla marketing.. These glasses are not even worth $10..


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    1. Wow, Red Star has a lot of cronies, all through this thread, pumping their product. They are so good at convincing you that that they have even convinced themselves that “they are honest and well meaning.” I’m sure they have no trouble sleeping at night. It’s very sad.

    1. I have no gripes about paying 9% once for two pair of glasses I ordered however I do have gripes about the automatic shipping program (Red Star own words) and this was never on any of the web site pages. No invoice was ever sent with the automatic shipments. Red Star has since changed the wording. It’s also funny they are under suspicion for trap door marketing by a number of entities.. Do you understand what I wrote?

  7. They say there’s a 9% service fee on the card but what they don’t say is the fee is set at a minimum of $9.90. i dunno tho, $10 for some polarized glasses might be an ok deal if they’re really uv protective

  8. I received one of these RedStar $500 gift certificates in my race packet this morning. I wasn’t sure exactly what was up with it, but I didn’t think it sounded right that all us runners would be receiving these. It definitely seemed shady, especially when I saw the part on the card that read “Thanks in advance for helping us spread the world about RedStar Worldwear.” I figured it had to be some sort of scam, but just not sure about how exactly they operated. Glad I verified my suspicions by reading this article.

  9. Glad I read this article too. I just got the card in the mail and questioned it right away – thanks for this article. The glasses look like crap. I have 3 pairs of Maui Jim’s and need nothing else. Have since shredded this card – steer clear of this junk.

    1. Jane, that’s awesome that you have 3 pair of Maui Jim’s, but not having purchased, or even seen Red Star glasses, how can you call it “junk”?

  10. If you read the fine print, you have to pay 9% of the $500, which covers some. There is a telephone number on it though: 541-312-2662

    1. They don’t use that Telephone number anymore.. They don’t answer any telephone number anymore neither does their shipper.

  11. Has anyone actually tested to see if they are polarized? If you take two polarized sunglasses lenses and hold them up to the light, crisscrossed, then if they are actually polarized, no light will come through. Some test them and tell me! Because if they really are polarized, $10 a pop isn’t too bad…

  12. Victoria and Frank Maldonado
    We also got our gift card in our playboy subscription. I knew it was to good to be true and i wondered what kind of products they were selling and i am also glad that there was this site to educate people before we get scammed. Its bad enough that this day and age you cannot trust any site of anything that comes in the mail. Thank you!

  13. iI tried the gift card n now instead of taking the 9% charge free out of my account im $495 negative in my bank account aftern the bank fees I want a refund! What do I do to get my money back?

    1. You don’t hve to do anything except close your eyes and imagine the money back in your account. When you have that vision clearly in your mind, click your heels together three times, and POOF! The money is back where it belongs. :P

      “A fool and his money are soon parted.”
      “You can’t cheat an honest man; never give a sucker an even break, or smarten up a chump.”

  14. iI tried the gift card n now instead of taking the 9% charge ee out of my account im n
    egative $495 in my account im cuz of bank over draft fees what do I do to get a refund???

  15. It’s a little misleading, but it’s not a scam. You pay $10 for sunglasses, just know that you’re getting $10 sunglasses … ok then, but oh wait, someone sells $10 with a tricky marketing tactic and people are up in arms, but NO ONE complains about someone selling sunglasses for $500 as a scam … or $200 … or does anyone even know what it costs to make a $100 sunglass? Probably just a fraction and the profit margins are HIGH … but oh yeah, here you pay for “quality” … it’s all about perspective and marketing … it goes both ways … keep it real guys … Red Star, you’re buying cheap sunglasses at a cheap price … with a $500 pair of sunglasses, you’re paying extra for some better quality, fit, etc., but you also pay a big premium for the brand name … so who is the greater fool?

    1. Thats what Im sayin! People think they are being lied to but really they just arent using their brains! READ before you hit agree! South park has a centipede ipad episode about this. watch and learn. lol.

    2. True, the thing is, the ‘perceived value’ of a top notch brand has no bullshit on top of it’s already upped price tag attached on it like this does, that’s the big difference. In essence, RedStar is claiming to be Oakley with all the convoluted pricing to sucker you into it, Oakley sells itself based on reputation, brand awareness, technology, image, as well as any other brand = it is what it is. You get what you pay for when you adjust it. Just like a band’s ticket or a festival’s ticket or NBA game (Laker price vs Charlotte Bobcats price) game. You get what you pay for many times or at least hope to get, and/or what the market can bear. RedStar actually does none of that, they smartly are going out of their way to shove falsehoods in your face at 10x the price it’s actually worth. Now let’s be honest, most of us with some prudence and good shopping sense know what something is worth, even if it’s a $150 or $300 pair of Dior’s or Gucci’s. The thing is all things considered, everyone makes a profit off a markup in fairness (some of it goes to marketing dividend appropriation, some to shipping/ price/per/materials, volume etc) be it Nike’s bball shoes, Under Armor, and so forth but they never claim Under Armor’s are worth 4x their already marked up price and hype/marketing awareness strategies included. So this is free-enterprise capitalism, deception at it’s worse, claiming something’s perceived value is 10x over it’s actual price. As I said, they carry what is “fair” market value. RedStar is not fair to point out, their stuff is anywhere close at face value, of course, moralistically it’s bullshit, far worse than a premium brand is many times worse even if what we’re talking about here is a $15 with a gift card, that actually resembles a ‘hitch’ and ‘feel good-ism’. Most apparel brands do in fact carry a higher quality, and ‘image’ tag affixed to “justify” the price at the very least. RedStar while attempting that, just does not actually justify or qualify in these, and the deceptive marketing it carries. Shame on them but it is what it is. What you are hoping to get, is a return on your investment not get schemed into thinking it’s worth what it’s worth. Even if at the end of the day you might be right, RS represents the biggest of liars when it comes to marketing campaigns, of course they will net gain mostly all of it even at $15 (service fee).

  16. I recently received one of their gift cards and decided to do some research. After looking up reviews and articles on them, I decided to go look at their website. What I found there has convinced me that I am not interested in their product. The first thing that seemed off to me were the images of the sunglasses on this page: If you look closely, it looks like the red star on the side of the glasses have been photoshopped or super-imposed onto an image of the glasses.

    The second thing that I found really drove home my decision not to shop on their site. I found a pair of pink plaid sunglasses on the RedStar WorldWear site with a proposed price of $130, and gift card price of $78 ( and, on a whim, decided to google “pink plaid sunglasses”. Google Shopping immediately found an identical pair of pink plaid sunglasses for the small price of $7.99 ( Coincidence? I think not…

    1. Its still about a dollar cheaper since nobody pays full price for their products i wouldnt imagine but photo shopping the star over the glasses does bother me because that means it wont be the same pair of glasses. Good find

      1. guys, I got mine in the mail a little over a week ago and they are legit. And the star is on there n it looks good too. Its def not photoshopped in the photos…. And mine had polka dots in the picture on the inside, partly why I liked them so much, and whn I got them in the mail, they were identical. I was slightly disappointed when I still had to pay $12.45 for my pair but the card says on the back what we are expected to pay for. I wear sunglasses a lot more since I moved to las vegas and these are the first pair Ive had that didn’t break in a matter of weeks. Ive spent $60 on good glasses and when I lose em or they break, I feel dumb for spending so much on sunglasses. Then I get a $10 pair that lasts for a week and fall apart. So paying $12-15 for a good pair isn’t so bad in my opinion. Maybe its a bit shady how they market, but its a legit price for a good product.

        1. you are one of the few. I made the mistake of placing an order with and had to fight the charges that were not that the total of the check out page stated. Never received the glasses and was told no order was ever placed with the confirmation code that was given to me at check out and still had red star trying to take cash out of account every month. Finally after some time of jumping though the hoops had the bank fix everything for me.

          1. I bought glasses from them a while back and they were the cheapest quality with lenses so crappy and foggy I couldn’t even wear them. They are the worst product. I would never buy from them again. Ever

        2. We ordered from them a few years back, got our three pair of glasses and two watches quite quickly and were only ever charged the 9% as stated on the “gift card” _ I was just googling the gift card to possibly place another order and came across this page … huh

    2. Actually i rescind my first comment. i thought about buying some aviators that were listed at 78 and the service fee was 11.70 which means the glasses should of cost 130 and they cant be close to that valuewise

  17. I returned some product to Red Star three months ago for a refund. But Red Star failed to issue the refund. Customer service FAIL. Don’t touch these guys.

  18. I just received another $500 card and two pair of shades. Inside the boxes also had mail back review of their product and a thank you card. Now I’m worried about what I just read. I admit, I did purchased a few glasses. I’m just going to stay away and be safe. I had no problem doing business with now I’m just iffy.

  19. Not a scam, but the glasses arnt worth nearly as much as they say. Be sure to opt out of the continuing servive so they dont charge you $20 every month for sunglasses you dont want!

    I did order some polarized glasses and they actually were polarized. $10 for polarized glasses is pretty good!

  20. This is totally a fraud . When I placed an order for 2 glasses and 1 watch, I have received a confirmation email that they will be shipping all the 3 pieces to my address after I payed. however, they ended up telling me that , they are not going to ship watch ( when I called them, they told me) because they say that I have to buy 4 sunglasses to get a watch. when I showed the order proof they say that its software error ( I cant imagine how can they give this answer). Finally they dint send me any piece as of today but I payed. I personally don’ t trust these company. Please DO NOT place any orders online.

  21. They suck, called them placed and order, 3 weeks later no order…so called they said that it was “processing” so i said nevermind i want my money back dont send them..3 days later…i get the glasses…so i sent them back..still have not gotten my money back…retards..

  22. Bunch of scamming [comment has been moderated]…steer VERY clear…they want you to lock in to a monthly subscription and are hoping they can skim one or two monthly fee’s off you before you notice…bad customer service, bad product, bad people

  23. I bought two pair of glasses and cases from Redstar a couple years ago, I am very pleased with them and I’m getting ready to use another $500 gift card from them. your basically paying $10-$20 for the glasses and they’re worth it! I worked at a sporting goods store in 1999 and we sold Oakley’s, the store paid $5-$10 a pair for the glasses and sold them for $75-$150 so whats the difference? Nike shoes especially Jordans were very cheap to the store 5-10 dollars and we know what they sell for! It’s not a scam just read the fine print and you will be fine!

      1. yes it is, I saw it with my own two eye’s! Unless you worked at Galyans warehouse, now Dicks sporting goods shut your mouth, you dont know what your talking about!

      1. I didnt say I was buying the Oakley’s for that, the retailer was. Do you honestly think Dicks sporting goods pay’s top dollar for the products they sell, then charge you what they paid for it? I worked at Galyans warehouse in Indiana which is now Dicks sporting goods. All I’m trying to say is Redstar is not a scam i know people who have ordered from them for years theyre product is good! And no I do not work for them!!!!

    1. These are hardly Oakley’s! I just received my sunglasses today, I put them on for the first time and they snapped! Do you work for them?

  24. Complete scam – yes you can return everything, but they keep the 9% fee and the return postage is on you. Let the buyer beware. I fell for this maketing scam, after calling for non shippment was told over half my order was not available. I told them to cancel and they still shipped and kept the money. So it is basicly no refunds no returns. Maybe we need a class action suit against them, then at least the lawyers will get something out of it.

    1. Please file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. There are over 27 complaints thus far regarding Red Star World Wear. Unfortunately, this company has no business ethics.

  25. This company is total crap the idiots at red star charged my card and assured I would have the order in 3 days and guess what its been over a month an still no sunglasses and they are impossible to contact DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM REDSTAR!!!!

  26. Quite true. The stuff is crap. I ordered two watches – cost me $20. I didn’t really expect much, as I expected it to be mostly hype. However, they arrived without even instructions or boxes. The quality reminds me of Japanese in the early 60’s – maybe not even that good. Somebody must be suing them though. I received a terse, unsolicited note that they were refunding my money – which they did.

  27. David, you are absolutely correct in your assessment. In the last 2 weeks I have stopped a couple of friends from using the $500.00 gift card. It did not take me 20 seconds to determine that something was not right. Common sense would tell you this if there were such a thing. If common sense existed, it would be ubiquitous, meaning just about everyone would have it in common. In reality, linear logical thought process is what people are usually referring to and when applied generally produces the proper conclusion. It comes to most people naturally, some learn by observation, some learn the hard way and unfortunately some simply never do learn. It came to me early on and I didn’t understand why I was seeing things differently than my peers and wondered if I might be mentally deficient. Not wanting to be made fun of I never told or asked anyone about it. I spent quite a few years keeping my mouth shut and observing and gained even more “common sense” experience through observation. What is the point of this? Got to give the people that have nothing better to do than argue semantics as the solution to all the world problems something to work with.

    Ten years ago someone asked my opinion about a partnership that was forming, involving over 5 million dollars. I gave my preliminary assessment in less than a minute and my final assessment the next morning, I needed to verify that I remembered a legal procedure correctly. I got a check the next week for $5000 for what amounted to 15 minutes work. Also several offers to work as a consultant. “common sense” told me I should try it for a living instead of drilling oil wells or running a bulldozer.
    I get paid very well to be a”problem solver”(no mafia affiliation). Technically there is no easily definable problem to solve here. Observation:
    There are 48 comments presently on this page. Just from a quick scan I noted that there are approximately three people that are simply aghast that anyone would consider besmirching the reputation of such a fine company. The other 40+ must be wrong and judging from one statement they may also be illiterate or would that be half literate, unable to read but obviously able to write. Using linear logical thought processes, draw your own conclusions. It should be a “no brainer”…..

      1. Common sense makes me want think he did actually get paid for taking time to write that comment. I would assume he is a Red Star Wear employee. If he was a well paid problem solver, he could give us links to other websites that offer the same styles and quality glasses from reputable companies and realistic prices.

    1. What are you talking about in easier to read language? Ironically, here you are doing the same thing, going off on a tangent admonishing a group of people who you yourself describe as “arguing semantics”, for what could be a topic of business and ethic courses at universities and colleges. This is much bigger than semantics. All I see here talon, is a very simple, very easy to understand business concept that basically deals with maximizing and ripping people off in the grandest of ways; ironically, as you yourself said, you do the same in your line of work so to speak – giving business observation for what YOU thought were getting handsomely rewarded for [15 minutes for $5,000]- (which is a terrible analogy to what what is an even more deliberately thought out business moral/ethos deduced screwbaggery. In other words and to make it as simple and for semantic’s sake, you are making a bigger assertion on the comments deeming them as -irrelevant and comparatively small- being outside of the paradigm, making a linear-judgment call as you do in your line of work on what on the face of it, in reality incurs a vastly different and more complex line of reasoning than just telling people to “come to their own conclusions”. And that’s why you incorrectly tried to size up the commenters in a 3 paragraph paradigm-d in essence you are making a 3-paragraph comment trashing comments for no other reason than you feel offended that your inaccurate logically faulty analogy as a problem solver, also applies to a business practice (rather than the idea of them being screwed in it) when in reality they are both two separate topics.

      Same as when I try to fit a one-size fits all baseball cap that should fit most people’s heads but that- due to logic – wouldn’t fit a small child’s head. You are doing the same for your argument, which reeks of some ubiquitous moral sensitivity. You “ripoff” people for something you feel is crazy, and fail to rationalize it here in detail, but on matters of business ethos, you feel morally obligated to discharge on commenters.. for what? Because yes, business is a 1-for-1 proposition, but it’s actually tipped 80-1 against the consumer in this case. That’s all in simple terms wats goin on. This is already long-established as a very crazy money-getting operation. Who the hell do you think you are? That’s why you are here: to talk about it in the fst place right? You aren’t here to discuss psychology, or that’s what your subconscious talking since it actually applies more to you than the comments coming in (95% say it’s shady behavior of a company for a reason). Well, linear logic would also say it probably IS based on the available information to everyone, and everyone’s being objective as it pertains to the legitimacy of something based on it making sense to them: We all know when something is legit, or it doesn’t fly.

    2. BTW, Talon why do you think people in the business like consultants and so forth (you work in oil which says a lot about you anyway but-) get a bad rap? Because even if it was explained to you how they are getting ripped of at face value (Ever heard the ‘gift horse’>?) you would be perfectly fine with it as long as you are logically wrong and or even if you were, but you were making a profit on it.

  28. My wife and I just recieved a 500.00 gift card and noticed a 9% fee. We have never seen a gift card where the customer still have to pay. It kind of defeat the purpose of it being a gift card. Is this legit? I will ask my son about the card but while I am on line I thought I might ask an professional opinion of this type of sale proceedures. Pardon my spelling!


  29. It’s not really a scam-but if you order on line-there is a check box that you must uncheck-or you are automatically signing up for recurring orders every 2 months and your credit card is charged accordingly. The glasses are not bad-but you get $10.00 glasses for $10.00. Be sure you are not signing up for recuring orders. DJH

  30. It’s a serious scam. Don’t buy it! Their mailing partner doesnt’ even have a contact line for disputes. And the products are fake as shit ~ nonprofessional cheapass plastic material.

  31. Watch out if they send you glasses. You’ll get charged for each delivery and they say they are “giving you glasses”.. The glasses a CHEAP.. Not optically acceptable..!

    1. Red Star does not answer emails to them or reply to any comments left for them. You can go to their facebook page and leave a comment (I did).. It was removed in short order. I can no longer leave a remark or comment..Why is that? I tried to stop them from shipping me anymore sunglasses (they charge $18.99 for each shipment) Revolving shipping charges on free items is not legal. Their mailing partners will continue to send you glasses and red star continues to charge your credit card. I have since gone the route of speaking to the Better Business Bureau / Consumer protection & the Attorney General.. Guess what.. these guys (Red Star) already have their own folder.. Why is that???

  32. Thanks for the advice. I got the card through a magazine and was a bit leery about it. I decided to do some research and Yep.It is what it is what it appears not to be…

  33. I finally have an email from Red Star stating they will remove me from their “Automatic Shipment Program”. Funny it was never called the automatic shipment program when I ordered. Getting a refund on unwanted shipments is going to be tough.. I sent the last shipment back, and now they aren’t sure if they received it.
    The IP address from the email is . / It comes from Portland, Oregon. Please note Red Star no longer says “FREE”… nuttin is free..

  34. SCAM!!! I just recieved my sunglasses today and they snapped the first time I put them on! Cheap plastic, glue showing everywhere, MADE IN CHINA! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!

  35. TOTAL SCAM!!! I am pissed to the bone! Ordered six pairs of sunglasses, got five and have to wait over a month for the last pair. That is not the problem…They charged me an additional pair of $19.94 for a pair of complimentary sunglasses without my consent. I contacted my credit card company to have the charge reversed. A month later they shipped another pair of the “complimentary” pair of sunglasses along with a $9.94 charge on my credit card again…again without my consent. Tried contacting them several times via email, (they don’t have a customer service phone number listed on there web page for this reason?) but no response. So far, I have ten pairs of worthless, cheap sunglasses and one pair of eyes. I will surely warn anyone to beware of this company and there unethical business practices. I got screwed! They added a Service Fee Legal Disclosure on there website now, but what good is it when they charge your credit card without premission. I HATE HATE HATE Red Star Eyewear. Save yourself the trouble and go to the mall and get a pair.

  36. thnx for this! I was about to order something for Xmas presents, but changed my mind. I got mine (well, actually two …) on an over-seas flight with United Air – shame on them for putting something like this in their official in-flight magazine! :(

  37. I actually just ordered two pairs of sunglasses from them. I paid less than 20 dollars, received a confirmation e-mail right after placing my order, and received the glasses in less than a week. I was very nervous because I decided to look up reviews after I had already ordered and saw lots of mixed reactions. Some people love them, some people hate them, some scream scam, scam, scam and then admitted they’d never actually bought from the people. So needless to say I was apprehensive about the quality, whether I’d actually get the glasses, etc. When I opened my package, I’d say the sunglasses are about the quality of any other sunglasses you’d buy. I’m not the type of person to give a rat’s patootie about Oakley, or whatever other expensive brand of sunglasses I keep hearing people compare this brand to, but for what it’s worth, the glasses I bought were pretty good quality. In the long run, glasses are hunks of molded plastic or some related type of material and they are probably all over priced anyway. I would never pay more than 10 dollars for a pair as it is so, in my opinion, someone who pays 100 dollars or more on a pair of sunglasses must be insane or just so brand hungry they’d do anything to just to wear someone’s label. I don’t know anything about the watches. I also read a few complaints about people who ordered and then kept getting their account charged and getting sunglasses in the mail. You have to pay attention if you are going to order them and uncheck the box that say “Yes, I’ll participate in the club/survey.” It actually tells you right there that you will be charged x amount of money every month and shipped x pairs of sunglasses to try and subsequently review the quality of the sunglasses. I think the biggest problem some people are having is not fully reading everything that the company says on their website.

    1. >> I think the biggest problem some people are having is not fully reading everything that the company says on their website

      No, the biggest problem is that they do everything they can to obscure the truth about their goggles and how much they are actually worth. For example, they offer these at $130 (suggested) or you could be the EXACT SAME pair here for only $7.99.

      The only difference is that the non-Red Star pair does not have a red star logo appliqued. Even the picture on the RS website appears to just photoshop the log on the side of the arm. I’m sure the actual glasses do have the logo, but it’s hilarious to me that they’d use someone else’s stock photo and ‘shop their logo on to it.

      1. I didn’t say that was the company’s biggest problem, I said that was SOME PEOPLE’S biggest problem. They don’t read what’s on the website. That is the problem with a lot of things now a days. People don’t read and they don’t use common sense. I might have been fortunate that my case worked out so well and I never said that I would order from them again. As for the purple plaid glasses you referenced, If people use the “giftcard” they can get those glasses for the same price. To be fair, I looked at those glasses and did not see a red star on them. I do agree using the “gift card” come-on is cheesy and they should just sell them for the 9.90 cost. However, I do believe you should read my comment correctly before jumping on it and saying I said something that I didn’t.

        1. I fully understand what you’re saying. You’re saying basically “caveat emptor”. It’s bullshit to blame people for not using common sense when the company deliberately misleads and obscures. There’s a reason my post is #1 in google for “Red Star World Wear Scam” and it’s because thousands of people think they’re getting ripped off.

          Regardless of what the fine print says, if that many people think they’re getting ripped off, then the company is doing something shady as fuck even if it technically doesn’t violate any laws. I’m simply calling them out for it.

          1. I don’t see why you’re jumping on me for sharing my opinion. We’re all entitled to one. Mine differs from yours somewhat but that doesn’t mean you can use inappropriate words in reference to my opinions. I notice you didn’t jump on any of the other comments on here that said they received good service from this company. I would appreciate if you would just delete my comments since it was obviously a mistake for me to share my opinion on such a biased rude persons website.

          2. You’re the one who came here blaming the victims of this pseudo-scam and then when I called you out on it you decided to nitpick your arguments and tell me that I don’t know what I’m talking about. None of my “rude” language was directed at you in a personal manner (e.g., Red star is ‘shady as fuck’, not you. Red star’s tactics are ‘bullshit’, not you.) I never said anything derogative towards you, personally.

            As for deleting your comments, no. You do not get to tell me how to manage my website.

          3. Sir, I asked you nicely to remove all of my comments. Since you are an advocate for good business, I can only hope that you do for the sake of respecting someone else’s wishes, which is good business.

          4. I’m an advocate for good business and for transparency and it is my opinion that Red Star is not engaged in either of those.

            You and I do not have any sort of “business” agreement, nor am I operating a “business” with regards to your consumption of my bandwidth and content. My website is provided to you, and thousands of others, for FREE. You do not get to tell me how to manage it.

          5. I am not telling you how to manage your website. I simply asked if you would remove my comments.

          6. And I said no. I do not moderate because you disagree with me, I do not moderate because you don’t like my response. I moderate for hate speech, personal attacks, revealing personal info, and obvious spam. That’s it. Your comment remains here because you said it. You don’t get to “undo” it just because you don’t like my response. Sorry.

          7. Kudos to you good sir, for writing and posting this. I was curious about this red star thing because I got the card in my Dallas marathon bib bag. I did not plan on using it but it did lead me to wonder how something so incredibly scammy as this would end up in the bag along with some legit coupons for local businesses and future races.

      2. I didn’t say that was the company’s biggest problem, I said that was SOME PEOPLE’S biggest problem. They don’t read what’s on the website. That is the problem with a lot of things now a days. People don’t read and they don’t use common sense. I might have been fortunate that my case worked out so well and I never said that I would order from them again. As for the purple plaid glasses you referenced, If people use the “giftcard” they can get those glasses for the same price. To be fair, I looked at those glasses and did not see a red star on them. I do agree using the “gift card” come-on is cheesy and they should just sell them for the 9.90 cost. However, I do believe you should read my comment correctly before jumping on it and saying I said something that I didn’t.

      3. you do realize, those aren’t EXACTLY the same. Very similar, but not exactly the same…look closely

        1. Yes, those are indeed exactly the same, unless you’re talking about the offset of the plaid pattern, which is to be expected on cheap merch that has a “random” pattern like that, each pair will be “different” because of where the pattern is printed, but otherwise same glasses.

  38. Bought about 8 pairs. They were shipped promptly. Fine with it. Don’t care about what the glasses are “worth”. They fit good. Design is decent and they “do” the job. Good enough for me. I love my $200 pair of “good quality” sunglasses, but lose em from time to time. Now, I have back-up. Movin’ on.

  39. This is definitely a scam…they will repeatedly send you stuff you never ordered and charge your credit card!!! Plus the sunglasses are extremely cheap and are equivalent to $5 sunglasses from the gas station!!!

  40. this is a scam I ordered, they took the money and I never got the products. I’m contacting attorney general of my state and southwest airlines that published this scam in their magazine.

  41. I appreciate this scam notice. I received a 500.00 gift card from the Firecracker Run in Chinatown you would think a kids event would not let scammers be a part of a free gift bag for children its a shame. Thanks for the post. Concerned Parent

  42. Remember, nothing is free. The only problem I see is people trying to get stuff for free and then complaining when they don’t!!

  43. On Terrry’s comment about Playboy, and subsequent related posts:

    It’s really sad. Back in the day, Playboy was absolutely (about 80% or so) nothing but gorgeous, nude women (this was when I was in high school (early 1980’s)). Then, flash forward about 25 years, I picked one up about 3 years ago and it was one centerfold and absolutely nothing else but articles, forums and, more than anything, ads. Lots and lots of ads for crap people were selling. I don’t recall seeing a Red Star card but the mere fact that all that naked goodness was no longer in there was more than a deterrent for me from perusing any further. Talk about selling out.

    So, yeah. When people say today, “I read Playboy for the articles,” it’s probably the truth…and sadly so.

  44. I checked them out once & since my first order about 9 months ago, they have charged my card again for $19.80 both times & then I suddenly got a package in the mail with 2 “free” sunglasses & another $500 gift card. I would stay as far from them as possible!!

  45. all you are morons for thinking this is a scam. quite frankley these are the best glasses i own thanks to the $500 gift card.

  46. I just ordered 5 pairs of glasses from this scam of a website because I had faith in the organization that gave me the gift card, and I’m an idiot. I really want to return them, but am worried that I won’t get the refund anyway. Any suggestions?

    1. A lot of other commenters have mentioned problems/delays with the return process I would send them back and ask for a refund, if you do not get a refund within a week I would notify my credit card of a “dispute” saying that the merchandise was retunred because it was not satisfactory. The credit card will most likely refund your payment and if there are enough complaints against this company then they will blacklist them!

  47. I have gone through several of the posts on here and have to say that I did not have a negative expericence with this company, quite the contrary. I origianally ordered 6 pairs of glasses, and yes they are not the quality of “high” end manufacturers, they were worth the money I put in on them. My purchase that time was based on the $500 gift card. However, my purchase this time is based on another gift card but they also sent me 2 pair of glasses at no cost. I haven’t lost anything and actually came out on top from what I see. I read the small print when ordering and try to know what I am getting into before hitting “accept”.

  48. Last September I purchased a pair of sunglasses from this company using the giftcard. I paid the 9% service charge and thought I had scored a crazy deal! A few days ago, I noticed a weird charge on my bank statement for $19.80 that said “Sunglasses-Eyewear.” I own a pair of RayBans and wondered why that was on there, considering I don’t need new sunglasses. This morning, I recieved a package in the mail from RedStar with 2 mens sunglasses which were ‘complementary,’ though they had charged the $19.80 for shipping. I had to call my bank and alert them of the fradulent charge and now have to get a new card. I hope this company goes bankrupt or gets sued!

  49. I ordered 2 pairs of sunglasses in December for my daughter and her boyfriend – I figured paying $30 for 2 pair was worth the risk – and they have been great sunglasses! My daugter and her BF are still wearing them regularly 4 months later. And, just yesterday, I received 2 pairs of sunglasses out of the blue from Redstar in the mail for free and my son loved them! The reminder worked….because this morning I was on the website ordering 2 more pairs for my nieces. The quality is much better than the $10 mall kiosk sunglasses and if you lose them you’re guilt free.

  50. its not scam you cheap ass idiots, stop bitching about paying 9% for quality sunglasses. Most of you probably shop at walmart and by nascar glasses for 10 bucks, which these are far superior too.They don’t say it covers all there cost and shipping, even k mart glasses probably cost more to make, than redstars 9%, they are simply getting rid of product to build a name for themselves. There glasses are nice, built as good as most quality sports glasses, and when you all start seeing these in retail stores for 80-150 A pair, ill laugh at the fact i got some sweet shades for dirt cheap.

    1. “They don’t say it covers all there cost and shipping, even k mart glasses probably cost more to make, than redstars 9%, they are simply getting rid of product to build a name for themselves. ”

      Yes they do too say exactly that you ass-hat. Read the third paragraph directly from Red Star’s website:

      There is a 9% Service Fee (per item) that pays for all expenses that RedStar incurs to get the product into your hands. This 9% service fee includes: USPS First Class delivery, processing and handling, and general overhead which includes; customer service, order processing, warehousing, labor, cost of goods and materials, profit, and marketing.

  51. I ordered 5 pqir of sunglasseds and 2 watches. Got 4 pair glasses and no watches. They charged shipping for what I received. Since then I recieved 4 pair assorted glasses and later an additional 3 pair no charge.all at no charge. Some are on the cheap side, but there are some high quality glasses also. I have no complaints.

  52. Thanks. I get these gift cards in every marathon race packet I pick up!!! It always seemed a bit odd to me how after several years of getting these cards, they still claim they’re a “one year old company”.

  53. it’s not a scam, I know people who have orderd from them since 1996! the glasses are $10-$20 just as quality as anything else on the market! Learn to read, read the fine print and if you want to pay over $100 for glasses go do it and leave this company alone they tell you up front what your going to pay! I do not work for them I drive a semi truck and I am very pleased with RSWW products!

  54. Thanks for this site and every ones comments. I will not be shopping at this site. New it was to god to be true $500 gift card right, who does that?

  55. I’m sorry, but are people complete idiots? You really thought you were getting $120 worth of sunglasses and you were upset by the quality? The company clearly is trying to make a name, attain some revenue, all while affording you some sunglasses that look remotely fashionable. And you’re complaining? What did you expect from free glasses? We have ordered and been delivered plenty of sunglasses, and are LESS than UNSATISFIED by the results and product. To get 5 pairs of sunglasses for $30 is not too shabby for me. Saves me the time of going to some other low-priced store for low-priced glasses. They look cute, I’m happy, and laughing at the idea that people are irritated with the fact that they aren’t worth $100+ dollars. You have to be a complete moron to not figure it out for yourself.

  56. Thanks David for this information. A friend and I received one of the $500 gift cards and used the card to purchase sunglasses and watches. The quality was average but we didn’t complain because basically it cost the shipping/processing fees. After reading your posts I’m thankful that we actually received product. I’m an intelligent person with a business-marketing and law background. Initially, we were leery about receiving a gift card with such a large giveaway. We looked on the website and did see some items that we liked but didn’t research further. Amazing how first instincts are always on point. I think what makes this scenario even more “dirty” is the fact that our gift card was handed out (in a swag-type bag)and promoted at a very reputable half marathon event. Many well-known vendors were associated with RedStar and they were being promoted as an up and coming company so “spread the word.” This is very unfortunate. As someone who enjoys sports and sporting events (participating and supporting them) I find this tactic disheartening. Thank you for making your posts available. Keep shredding!!

    1. apparently they’ve been an “up and coming” company for a while now. i did notice last time I read their website that they no longer pretend they will eventually open brick & mortar stores to sell their glasses.

      One thing I learned from the commenters here is more than just the somewhat shady sales pitch, but they have a practice of automatically enrolling people in recurring monthly “subscriptions” to continue buying/receiving sunglasses that you never ordered. That’s bad.

      I don’t really care that they’re cheap sunglasses, just the tactics irk me. There are plenty of affordable and downright “cheap” sunglasses you can buy that won’t try to scam you in to monthly subscriptions or anything like that!

  57. Ordered a few sunglasses and watches with their card, got em all… but the watches were pure crap, one looked like a chronograph on their site, but when it came in, I got a watch with 2 fake chronographs printed on the face.
    Out of the 3 glasses I got, 2 were broken….

    I contacted them about it and was directed to the 30 day return, but since it was paid with a gift card, all that’d do is waste more money on return shipping to get nothing back, so… yea, I paid $50 (shipping costs for those items) to get 1 pair of so-so glasses I couldve gotten at Wal-mart.

  58. I got a $500 gift card from Exile Brand out of the most recent Maxim. I happen to be out of sunglasses (my good ones broke) so I went for it figuring these would be at least better than dollar store junk. They are not bad by any means, but definitely not work what they show as the market price.

    When I received the glasses included in the box is another $500 gift card to this Red Star World Wear. So Exile is reselling Red Star stuff. It seems there are multiple layers, or they change their name a lot to avoid legal problems with the ability to call themselves one year old (as Jessica mentioned).

  59. I laughed when I read what the “9% Service Fee” covers. The “$500 Gift Card” is simply a ruse. As an accountant who has taught many managerial accounting classes, I noted instantly that all of the items included in the 9% Service Fee are what generally comprises any retail company’s income statement. In fact, I can’t think of any business cost that is not included in the Service Fee. Anyone who purchases RedStar products using the gift card is not getting a deal. Because they include “profit” in their 9% Service Fee, we know that ALL their costs are covered. Legitimate profit doesn’t exist until ALL costs and expenses are paid.

  60. Just received my shipment today. 7 pairs of sunglasses, 3 watches (tapped out the 500 gift card I found in a magazine). Now, to be honest, after receiving them, I would never EVER pay the proposed price they list on their site. However, for the 10 bucks a pair I paid, they are pretty awesome. I mean, I have a pair of RayBans (that my two Yorkies pulled out of my bag and lovingly chewed on…thanks guys), but looking at one of the pairs I received, they are nearly IDENTICAL to my RayBans, and actually fit better! My RayBans were free, thanks to a giveaway at my company, so I’m not completely torn up about them getting destroyed, but if I had bought them out of pocket, I would have freaked out! Having a plethora of 10 dollar sunglasses makes me breathe a little easier with my zany dogs around, and as I said, these sunglasses all FIT better! It’s kind of ridiculous how much RayBans’ profit must be!

    That said, the watches were crap. I’m not going to lie there. Then again, they are probably on par with what I might purchase at Forever 21 or something. Worst case, a watch breaks, and I’m out 13 bucks. I’m not going to cry about it. I have a nice watch that I wear to special occasions…these are not watches to wear to a black tie event. I knew this when I bought them. People shouldn’t be so shocked.

    I’ll update this if I start receiving monthly shipments with my rant. However, when I ordered, there was a box asking if you WANTED to be included in the promo monthly thing. I specifically didn’t check the box, because if I want more, I’ll order them (with the other 500 buck gift card they sent lol). If you didn’t check the box but they ignored your wishes not to be included, or that area was hidden from view or something for you all, that’s definitely awful and sneaky. However, if you checked the box, that’s your own fault. Especially those folks that let their kids order online on their own. What, you think a teenager isn’t going to check the free sunglasses box? Come on now.

    For those with refund issues, that truly sucks. Haven’t had to deal with that side of things, hoping I don’t in the future if all of what was said is true.

  61. Wow, I was given a giftcard recently by a guy who ordered and recieved nice looking shades so I just ordered my $500 worth, then of course I seen this page. I paid the $91.00 shipping and 9% fee because I ordered 8 pairs of glasses and thought that wasn’t so bad.
    I am hoping it turns out okay I’m already not so into giving away my credit card info online. All I can do now is see what kind of “deal” I actually get. I’ll write back and let you all know.

  62. Ok, I read this whole article and a lot of the comments AFTER I placed an order from RedStar WorldWear, and I gotta say, although its a bit shiesty to automatically sign you up for promotional sunglasses after your first order with out telling you UNTIL you place the order, its not THAT big of a deal. Here’s what I did:

    I ordered 1 pair of glasses, got them in the email about a week later, then sent a letter to support saying that I didn’t want to be a part of the promotion, and that was it. They took me off the list. No extra glasses, no extra charges.

    At this point, I’ve only been charge $9.90 for a pair of mediocre sunglasses, which is what they tell you right up front. If your proactive, and tell them cancel the promo right away, then you’ll be able to get a pair of mediocre sunglasses for $9.90, its that simple.

  63. I got three of these cards, totaling $1500. At first I was all “woot, free stuff!” and I just threw them all out because of this site & redstar’s cruddiness.

  64. This is what it says, word for word in its own separate box regarding future charges. The first part is in BOLD! As for the price, no, they are not worth what they say, the 9% charge is what the real value is for the glasses and shipping. They are just saying its worth a lot to make you think its a great deal, which it seems is still a decent deal. They aren’t Oakleys, but its better than the gas station.

    See below for your chance to participate in our special market research program allowing you to receive additional cool styles of sunglasses every couple of months. If you choose to participate, your credit card will be billed $9.90 for each pair until you cancel. If you don’t want to take part in this program, simply uncheck the box below

    [ ]YES, We will email you special offers and send you two pair of our newest styles when they are developed for only the service fee of $9.90 per pair. Nothing will be deducted from your RedStar Gift Card. The two styles will be similar to the styles you have ordered here today. We will include a product survey form that will help us determine future styling trends for RedStar WorldWear. (Completion optional by law). If you do not like them, you may send one or both back, and we’ll refund your service fee(s). We develop styles about every two months and will, if you like, continue to send you two new styles for the low service fee of $9.90 each, charged to your credit card, unless after your first delivery (approximately two months from now) you email us at to say you do not want any more special offer sunglasses.

  65. ordered 9 weeks ago, sent 3 emails to customer service, today get a link to check on status IT DOESN’T WORK !! Order Red Star if u need a non paid part time job to get your order, I’m still waiting

  66. From the a majority of the complaints on here it is obviously your fault. If you really believe a company is going to give everyone $500 to purchase their product you need to grow up. The glasses are worth the shipping charge, duh use your head. As far as “they charged me and sent more” well, if you stopped for a second and actually read what your agreeing to you wouldn’t have the problem.. But of course in your greed you are to stupid to do that. You people are why my coffee has a label saying it’s hot! Morons!

    1. You’re awfully butthurt over something that you were obviously too smart to fall for.

      >> If you really believe a company is going to give everyone $500 to purchase their product you need to grow up

      Q: Rather than blame the “morons” who aren’t as smart as you, why don’t you take issue with the shady marketing tactics of bullshit companies like RSWW?

      A: Because you’re a holier-than-thou asshole who gets off on pointing out the shortcomings of others.

  67. Thanks all for this info…they have now also started adding their “gift cards” to registration packets at a triathlon I just did…glad I researched first!

  68. No one gives you 500$ for free. Are you guys seriously shopping somewhere just because they fooled you into thinking your getting something cheaper? Thats the oldest trick in history :D

  69. Glad I checked this site. Got our $500 gift cards in a runners’ packets. Seemed too good to be true. Sounds like an outside chance at satisfaction but more probably frustration or worse. Believe we’ll recycle. Better for the environment, inside & out.

  70. I bought the shades for running and honestly, I love them. I knew the gimmick when I purchased them. Great marketing ploy, that said they are the lightest most comfortable pair of shades I have ever used for running…no sliding down my nose.

  71. I got mine in a race packet for a half marathon! I had to look it up….thanks for writing this article!!!! I won’t waste my time and money for sure.

  72. The scam is not in you getting sunglasses. Everybody knows they’ll actually send you the sunglasses. But, regardless of the planted reviews and comments the Red World people pepper around the web, they are lying about suggested retail on a $10 to $20 pair of sunglesses. That’s fraudulent no matter how good posters feel about their transactions.
    For cheap sunglasses, you’re better off going to CVS or Target and trying them out before you get them. At least you’ll KNOW you like them on you.

  73. Thank goodness I researched the Red Star World Wear gift card BEFORE I bid on it on E-Bay! I knew it had to be too good to be true-that an hour before the auction was ending, the high bid on a $500. gift card was $1.04! I can’t thank whoever writes this informative marketing stuff enough for saving me from throwing away my hard-earned money!!

  74. I ran a 5K and got their $500 gift card in a goodie bag they handed out to finishers. I thought that in itself was pretty strange. After looking at the products on their site and seeing the “service fee” I said to myself “I wouldn’t even pay $10 for a pair of these sunglasses.” If I’m gonna buy cheap sunglasses, or watches, it will be from a source that doesn’t claim they are worth 10 times the asking price. Also, it will be from a source that I can actually see the items I’m buying, in person. Redstar wouldn’t have gotten a dime of my money but for those who get a little more excited about a “sale” price or “free” $500 gift card I would like to thank you for this article.

  75. Thank you for this article, which I found thanks to an easy Google search after receiving one of these $500 gift cards in a 5K race goodie bag. This line really sums up the whole problem: “If they think you’re scamming them, you’re doing it wrong. Or you’re actually scamming them.”

    Knowing nothing about Red Star, these were the only possible scenarios I came up with:

    1. It’s gotta be some sort of scam.
    2. Their product line is in the range of $10,000, so a $500 gift card is really just a 20% coupon.
    3. Someone in marketing is trying to screw over the company, or made a GIANT MISTAKE.

    But yeah, scam was what I really thought. That’s what makes Red Star’s tactics especially shitty – since most people don’t fall for it, they’re preying on those who are probably on the dimmer side of society, and may not even know what to do when they discover they’ve been wronged. It’s like looting houses in a disaster zone. Just an utterly low, despicable thing to do.

    1. The key here is that you know nothing about Red Star and openly admit it. I am a 3-time customer and I do know what I’m talking about.

      Red Star glasses are decent quality and the deal is genuine. You should try them before commenting further. You end up paying about $9-15 per pair for s/h, so it’s an easy and inexpensive experiment. Try it.

  76. red star world wear they are scam people do not buy any thing sun glass or watch
    the sun glass are cheap sun glass worth only 1 dollar sun glass look like toy.

  77. Living in the Virgin Islands it’s hard to get sunglasses that last, but this is the way I’ve been doing it for about 4 years. I don’t find this to be a scam at all. Just received another order from these folks and am happy with what I got. I’m aware the glasses aren’t sold for the price they say is retail, but so what! You get what you pay for, and the RedStar glasses are as good as any I’ve found.

  78. I did this once, and am about to do it again because i did receive my sunglasses. not a scam just have to pay s&h fee. I doubt their products are worth as much as they claim, but they still have pretty sunglasses :)

  79. I dont know if this is a scam or not, but the sunglasses and watches I have received from this website are totally CRAP. NOT quality products as they were publicized as $100 or $200 a pair. They totally look like sunglasses from a roadside gas station. Totally disappointed with quality and designs. They do not look as they were on website.

    The 9% tax is basically the cost of sunglasses.
    I got some last year too, and they were much better than this year’s designs and quality.

  80. There are 2 ways to beat what you are complaining about with extra charges. 1. you can choose to deny the extra glasses that come every month so that way you only pay for what you want and 2. use a prepaid gift card that you can purchase at wal-mart so that if something happens and they try to charge you extra, they can’t because you only have so much money on there. it is an easy solution and has worked great for me both times i have purchased from their site!

  81. I’ve bought from a similar company years ago, and basically you get what you pay for: cheap glasses at a cheap price. But you know, I use them for working in situations where they might get damaged, and if they do… So what, I’ll get a new pair. Then I reserve my expensive glasses for safer occasions.

  82. – I’ve bought shades from a couple companies like this in the past, and this one recently, and never been disappointed. That said, I know better than to expect a product that is actually worth $750. I agree with another comment: what I received is better quality than anything I’ve bought in a cheap retail store (especially for polarized lenses), and still cheap enough not to be too heartbroken when my kids scratch and break them or I lose them somewhere; things that seem inevitable.
    – I just bought a pair for me and one for my wife from Red Star about 3 months ago. They aren’t perfect, but still better than anything Walmart or Meijer sells. My wife used hers about 5 times before our 2 year old grabbed them off her face and broke them one day. Disappointing, but it would have been gut-wrenching had we actually bought expensive name-brand shades. Companies like Red Star are my favorite way to buy sunglasses for every day use.

  83. Let me put it this way. I spent $15 at Pac sun for a pair of aviators and they were cheap plastic garbage. Red Star World Wear is actually worth the price you end up paying! I bought my best friend a pair and myself 2 pairs and mine are still kicking and he just sat on his like a month ago. I’m actually buying more. They just shipped today.

  84. I think the big lie here is that people cruise the internet looking for companies to defend. The people defending the Red Star scheme on this page are clearly shills. No one who liked Red Star would accidentally come by a page about the company possibly being a scam, only someone looking for those terms. No one legitimate would waste several posts and make outrageous claims, such as Oakley’s only costing retailers 10% of their retail price. The scam is that they mislead consumers by “giving” a large amount of “credit”, when they are really simply trying to get people to their website to buy cheap crap. Anyone who says that is not a scam is either an accomplice or an idiot. Red Star has apparently upped the ante with a $750 email, but at the end of the day you pay for cheap crap, and nothing from them ends up being free..

    1. You are dead wrong. I came across this page because I forgot Red Star home URL and searched for it, then hit this link on the search page out of curiosity. I am a real person from central Indiana and I am a fan of Red Star. I own about 10-15 pairs and will continue to order from them (yes, I have a sunglasses hang up – I keep a pair in every car and every corner of the house and garage).

      Again, my guess is that the critics either A) didn’t read the $500 deal, B) had unrealistic expectations of the quality (very good but not great), or C) haven’t yet ordered anything from Red Star at all and are just running their mouths in ignorance.

  85. ugh REALLY!???? well then I am being robed! like 2 or 3 months ago I was checking my bank account to organize my money when I came across a charge that company did on my account of $19.99 for some sunglasses I Apparently “order” then just now TODAY I got on the mail another box with another pair of sunglasses!! so I checked my bank account today and they charged me AGAIN $19.99 for those glasses!!! so what is it $40.00 dollars!! is like they send then every 2-3 months can someone PLEASE HELP ME get a # I am sending them an e-mail they have on the site and hopefully I get an answer. But if someone has more information on this PLEASE LET ME know! before they charge me AGAIN for those glasses. Thank you in advance and I’ll stay put for any helpful response on my comment.

  86. I have been mailed 2 pair of sunglases that had no bil no nothing with it except a card to let the company know if I liked the glasses or not that they were free, since there was no list or explanation of anything and I had not placed an order from these people or given them any info as to my checking account 4 months after receiving the glasses I get a withdrawl from my account of right at 20 dollars. This is total bs, cause I never ordered anything I assumed it was a product test since there was no recipe paper work or anything but a small card asking to try the glasses and give a response to rather u liked them or not, and when I call the number it spouts off about a promo deal and says to contact them by email so I have used my alternate email to talk to cutomer service still no reply yet but this was only a few hours ago but if they send you something in the mail I suggest u return to sender

  87. I have ordered from Red Star three times, ordering at least four pairs of sunglasses on each occasion. I have received surprisingly good quality glasses in a timely manner every time and was happy to pay the “shipping” in return (I’m sure they make a profit in there somehow, and I hope so because I want them to stay in business).

    I wear Red Star exclusively now and love them. Of 10-15 pairs that I own, I’ve had one of them break and two more that didn’t fit properly. I was able to contact the company by phone and also by email and they were helpful and responsive every time.

    The critics here have likely not ordered anything from them. My experience has been completely positive with Red Star and I will order from them again.

    1. glad it worked out for you but there’s like 300 comments here from all different people and most of them are negative. I say it’s just scammy, like late-night infomercials: “BUY NOW AND YOU’LL GET THREE FREE! (just pay separate processing & handling)” It’s the exact same business model.

      You may be happy with that, and that’s fine. A lot of people aren’t, and that’s also fine. Accusing them of not knowing what they’re talking about — I mean, they might as well say that you’re probably just a paid shill or a Red Star employee doing social media damage control.

      So, let’s keep personal insults and accusations out of the discussion please.


  88. I just wanted to say I did this me i got 2 pairs of sunglasses and I love them. in fact a pair broke after i’ve had them for over 2 years and I’m planning on repurchasing them. I can’t find any other glasses out there like them they fit me just right without hurting my ears. Are they worth $150, no but are they worth $10 yes. Besides alot of stores and companys charge more then what the product is worth and then says hey these are on SALE when in all reality they’re not. in our minds when we think we are getting a bargin in reality your just paying the right price. :)

  89. It is not a scam, it is not really deceptive marketing, they are not really $ 150 to $ 300 pair of glasses … but I can
    tell you this, as long as you order the polarized lenses … they are well worth the money you pay for them. I used to purchase $ 100 plus Sunglasses when I was Young and Dumb. Those were always the ones I lost, were stolen or for some reason were the first to get broken. Started buying these $ 10.00 promo glasses and have never lost or broke a pair since. It is all about value and perception. Most of the people in the world, tend to think everything is a SCAM or that everyone is out to take advantage of you. The only real crime here is that Red Star should just call it what it is …. $ 10.00 to $ 20.00 glasses and the $ 9.99 service and delivery fee covers all their overhead.

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